10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

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Learning to code as an adult is a demanding task, and therefore we have this preconceived notion that it must be quite impossible for kids. Coding improves largely, becoming a part of our lives as technology grows into Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Reality, and automation. So, it is important to introduce kids to coding at an early age as it puts them at the forefront of opportunities both in real life and career-wise.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits for kids to learn to code:

Coders are in demand.

The world is surefootedly moving towards technological development, and coding is an essential part of that future. Jobs related to AI and computing are growing rapidly. Coding Improves in great demand, and graduates with computer degrees tend to earn 40% more than basic graduates.

It gives you a competitive advantage.

Coding gives you competitive advantages in the eyes of college administration or recruiters. If a coder and a non-coder apply for the same job or admission in an institute, the coder will be preferred by most.

Provides a better understanding of the world

Kids nowadays spend most of their time on mobile phones, computers, and video games. However, their interaction with such technology is limited to its basic operation. Kids who learn to code know and understand how most technology pieces work and are therefore more aware of the world around them.

Coding improves creativity

Coding improves inherently a creative activity. Whether you are developing apps, websites, or mobile games, you have to approach the concept creatively and figure out new ways to implement basic elements. You can also express yourself using coding and come up with a unique app, website, or game.

Makes you a better problem solver

When you code, you are essentially breaking down complex problems into smaller parts for better analysis and solution. It helps children approach any problem from scratch and figure out a way to get to the solution. Coding classes for kids also help strengthen kids’ logical thinking and improves their cognitive abilities.

Makes you persistence

Like coming across any subject for the first time, coding can be challenging to learn. You will face complex problems, make mistakes, and come across time-consuming projects. As you grow up learning to code, you will eventually become more persistent and determined to create something of your own.

Teaches collaboration

Coding encourages collaboration and research as most of the problems you would encounter while programming would need a group effort to get over it. 

Improves communication

Communication is something that you need to be good at, no matter what career you choose in life. When kids learn to code, they master the art of communicating with the computer and their contemporaries, enabling them to hold meaningful conversations on their own. 

10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

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