10% Discount on IT Managed Services

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Our friends at BH Tech Connection provide critical protective software through tailored and affordable managed services. They operate much like an in-house IT department or Managed Services Provider. Still, They are aligned explicitly and primarily for individuals, freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses with fewer than five staff, without the high overhead costs.

10% Discount on IT Managed Services


We provide IT managed services to individuals, freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses with fewer than five staff who want top-notch, next-gen protection from downtime, data loss, and privacy breaches without the work or hassle.

People seek us to have IT experts they can delegate the “IT stuff” to and get help when needed.”

Visit their services page to review specific services and take the questionnaire to determine their best fit. Then, use coupon code ue10 at checkout to receive your discount.

The costs of downtime, data loss, and malware and ransomware attacks can be catastrophic, and they can happen to anyone – not just large companies. An unexpected IT crisis can completely blow up a budget, cause permanent data loss, and even affect a company or freelancer’s long-term livelihood. Unfortunately, we know the risks that you may not – and we’ve built our business to serve you, the underserved majority who still needs protection from these risks even if you can’t afford thousands of dollars a month through a more typical IT Managed Service model.

BH Tech Connection offers five essential managed services:

  • Antivirus – critical security protection (and management thereof) for computers that access company resources or information. Includes same-day response to any malware infections.
  • Backups – file-level cloud backups for computers that contain unique data you don’t want to risk losing. Includes same-day response to any data recovery requests.
  • Maintenance – security patching, remote access software to help work from home, and maintenance scripting to keep computers running smoothly.
  • Passwords – password management software to securely store and share passwords, regular security audits of shared passwords, and related support and training
  • Retainer add-on – a flat-fee option that replaces our hourly rates, stabilizes your budget, and focuses everyone on the support and service, not the cost.

What’s the right combination of services for you?

10% Discount on IT Managed Services

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