10 Brilliant Software Tools for Developing Mobile Apps

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10 Brilliant Software Tools for Developing Mobile Apps

If you desperately wish to put your business live via a great mobile app but do not possess the capital to outsource its design to a mobile app development company, you are not alone. However, the good news is that getting your business app no longer requires you to hire a professional at a hefty pay packet. With hundreds of assistance software tools appearing in the market, you too can build your app without knowing the coding process. These online tools are specifically designed to keep the user’s budget constraints and operate efficiently. So whether you wish to design an app for the Android platform or the iOS, there are tons of valuable resources available on the World Wide Web. You need to pick one that suits your customer and business requirements and get going!


The only cloud-based mobile app builder that incorporates integrated backend services and visual development tools, Appery.io can be used to develop apps for Windows, iOS, and even Android devices. Because it is cloud-based software, it does not require the user to download or install it. All you need to do is log in to the online cloud and access the services and functionalities of the app builder. The software allows you to build an aesthetically appealing app UI by using its visual editor’s drag and drop functionalities. You can also utilize its backend services to store data on the cloud for future access. Creating or selecting your personalized private plug-ins for your app is a piece of cake using the Appery plug-in catalog. You can go for the free-of-charge basic plan or go ahead with the Premium for $180 per month.


An easy-to-use software, the AppMakr is a perfect tool for creating professional mobile apps for iOS and Android devices without the technical understanding of coding. You can choose from an eclectic mix of high-end features such as push notifications, HTML 5 functionality, and high-resolution photo galleries to build an aesthetically appealing mobile app that provides a rich user experience. You can try the free version of AppMakr and later register with the premium package at $79 per month if you like.


GameSalad is one of the most popular drag-and-drop developers for creating visually appealing mobile gaming apps without the requirement of coding. Just download and install the GameSalad app and you can instantly utilize its drag and drop gallery to develop your dedicated gaming app. Available at a reasonable subscription charge of $299 for a year, the tool can be used to create awesome gaming apps across several different platforms, including Mac, Windows 8, Android, and so on.

 Conduit Mobile

The app is ideal for business owners to develop customized mobile apps complete with top-notch features and functionalities specific to different businesses’ distinct requirements. Moreover, you can avail of the free of charge plan for usage of up to 5 users or upgrade to unlock the premium features of the Gold ($39 a month) or the Platinum( $99 a month) versions.

Mobile Roadie

Complete with auto importing of RSS feed, Google News Keywords, and Twitter, and an automatic refreshing wall for real-time interaction of the users, the Mobile Roadie is a definitive app creator that allows you to develop and manage your personalized Android or iOS app. Using the Mobile Roadie Connect, you can preview your app and see exactly how your users will view it on their respective devices. Whereas the Core plan starts at $125 per month, the users can upgrade their plan to the Pro version at $667 per month.

 Good Barber

Given nine vibrant and heavily customizable design templates, access to the north of 600 Google fonts, and 350 unique icons, the Good Barber app allows you to develop visually appealing Android and iOS apps with advanced functionalities and features. Moreover, the inbuilt interactive software instantly sends you visual feedback for any changes in your app’s parameters. You can avail of the basic plan for $16 a month and move ahead to the full version at a charge of $32 per month.

Appy Pie

A do-it-yourself cloud-based mobile app builder, the Appy Pie is an effective tool for developing impressive mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows without the requirement of technical coding. You do not need to install or download the app. Once the developing process is complete, you obtain an HTML- based hybrid app that operates across various platforms, including Blackberry. The free plan can be upgraded to a monthly chargeable Platinum plan at $33.


Providing its users with powerful monetization options, user engagement tools, and complete content management, ShoutEM is a robust tool to cater to the needs of most setups. In addition, the apps can be published under the user’s developer account across GooglePlay and iTunes. Starting at a base price of $19.90 a month, the unlimited plan of ShoutEm can be availed for $119.90 per month.


A super-easy online app creation tool, Appsme allows you to develop personalized applications for the different platforms by employing native apps for iPhone and Android. Moreover, you can develop the apps on the Appsme portal free of charge.


You can build great apps for various platforms using the AppsChopper tool. Keeping the budget restraints of most startups and individuals in mind, the tool allows you to develop competent mobile apps at reasonable pricing that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

10 Brilliant Software Tools for Developing Mobile Apps

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