How to Market Your App Online

The smartphone app market is highly competitive. Aggressive marketing is necessary to keep up with rivals and to stay in the fray. If you have developed a video dictionary app, for example, competition may be stiff. This is because there … read more

Internet Marketing

Selling Online 5 Lessons I learned the Hard Way

There’s real value in admitting your mistakes. When you know what went wrong, you know how to fix it. I’ve been doing digital marketing for small businesses for several years now, and along the way I’ve learned quite a bit. … read more

Social Media

5 Social Media Tricks to Boost Your eCommerce

When it comes to marketing for eCommerce sites, it’s necessary that you use social media as well. You can’t afford to ignore all the useful attributes of social media. It’s very easy to promote your products and services on social … read more

Business Tips

The Rise of P2P Currencies and Exchanges

Peer to Peer Currency is a revolutionary new concept that puts the power back into the hands of smaller investors. When most people think of peer to peer currency today, they think of currencies such as Bit coin – virtual … read more


Important Elements of an eCommerce Site

Indispensable Parts of an eCommerce Site An eCommece site is the prerequisite to sell anything online. Anyone who decides to embark on the trail needs to do some research before the final set-up. There is though no rocket science involved … read more

Video Marketing

Make Video Marketing Work

Ten seconds: that’s all the time you have to grab viewers’ attention with an online video. And around 20 percent of Internet users will move away from your video in 10 seconds or less, according to research from Visible Measures. … read more