Finding your customers on social media 1

Advertisements and promotion over the social media has become the new ‘in’ thing today. People are now saying goodbye to the conventional methods of promotion for their business.  Although bill boards, TV commercials, radio commercials and newspaper and magazines still do exist and are used frequent enough, I believe social media will soon take its […]

Finding your customers on social media


Why Is E-Commerce Growing So Quickly? 1

Is the appeal of going into a bricks-and-mortar store, and browsing through the variety of goods on offer, before plumping for your favored option, on the wane? If we are to believe a slew of figures which have emerged in the past year, people are turning their backs on their local high streets and shopping […]

The True Importance Of Mobile Applications Development

The True Importance Of Mobile Applications Development 1

It is quite easy not to think about mobile applications and the importance – especially from a commercial viewpoint unless you have enjoyed the advantages. By hiring the services of reputed and well-established developers, it is very much possible to create powerful as well as entertaining applications for the majority of the mobile phone operating […]

Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior 1

Understanding consumer buying behavior is about understanding which emotions and needs drive us in our purchasing decisions. Rarely do we shop based solely on a single objective such as price alone.  We need to understand what motivates the buyer.  Are they looking to fulfill a basic need?  Are they looking to feel better about themselves? […]

Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior

5 Ways Technology Has Helped Advance The Courier Industry

Technology Has Advance The Courier Industry 1

When we think about the various technologies available and the several benefits we’ve reaped as a result of its advances, it’s incredible to think how far we’ve come both personally and professionally – with the courier industry being no exception. Thanks to certain innovations, we are now able to track the progress of our parcel […]

How Much Web Traffic Do You Need? 1

When a client comes to us requesting help with their site, our first question is always what is you goal? Commonly, the answer is to increase sales. Of course, we need further clarification – By how much? The customer tells us she wants to increase sales by $10,000 a month. Great, now we have a […]



How Traditional Industries Are Embracing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can only be a success in certain industries, right? Wrong. A carefully considered campaign means that almost every sector can feel the benefit of online marketing. Whether you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, you can achieve success through promotion over the web. How Traditional Industries Are Embracing Digital Marketing If you’re part […]

eCommerce Today Infographic 1

eCommerce continues to dominate the headlines. Amazon is letting shoppers buy on Twitter, China’s eCommerce behemoth Alibaba prepares for a public offering Alibaba Can Go Public, But Can It Go Global? and Facebook make take on PayPal Watch Out PayPal? The Real Meaning Of A Facebook Money Transfer Business. With so much going on, we […]


It's just not how we work....

It’s just not how we work…. 1

Every once in a while, a client will ask us to work with an existing web developer to either transition a site or to keep the consistency of the brand, while we expand their social media presence or retool their communications strategy. This often leads to interesting challenges, but it also provides us a reminder […]