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Albert Jacobs
Founder & CEO
Tonya Garcia
Account Manager
Linda Guthrie
Business Development

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Cloud computing subscription model out of the box proactive solution.

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Latest news

  • Jul, 1

    Your Online Store on Social Media

    How to introduce your eCommerce website on social media, the right way! The online buying tradition has fast picked up steam and now we are all big fans of online buying and e-stores, all of which give us the liberty of buying whatever we like, whenever we like. Services such as free shipping and special buying options available […]

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    Jun, 24

    Magento 2 Best eCommerce Platform

    Over the past few years, eCommerce business has become the most approachable sales channel, exclusively for small businesses to develop and attain success. However, eCommerce is also deployed by businesses of all sizes. Whether you are running a small business, large corporation or a medium scale enterprise, the eCommerce platforms can be extremely beneficial to you. In order to […]

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  • Jun, 23

    How Websites “Nudge” You Into Certain Purchase Decisions

    Chances are, you chose the direction of your e-commerce site’s design by aligning the website design with your brand, your brand’s colors, and the aesthetics that your audiences responds to. While incorporating your brand’s aesthetic is a must for any e-commerce site, using basic behavioral psychology principles can improve your conversions more than any carefully-chosen […]

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    Jun, 23

    Why social media is here to stay

    A lot of people have the opinion that social media is nothing but just a passing fad. Perhaps their belief comes from the fact that once popular Myspace and Orkut have closed shops and also from the notion that not each and every social media platform can generate the kind of popularity earned by Facebook […]

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  • Apr, 15

    12 Mistakes that Leave your E-Commerce Sites Dead and Buried

    Visualize the following scenario: You are all set to buy a product online. Your eyes are meticulously studying the varied features of the product and your credit card is out within minutes. You enter your credit number once. Then twice. And then thrice. After all these futile attempts, the website crashes. You are left with […]

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    Apr, 3

    Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media

    In today’s digital world filled with smartphones and tablets, consumers rely on social media to discover new businesses and make purchasing decisions. In fact, 80 percent of consumers expect businesses to be active on social media, which is why your business needs to use social media to nurture the sales funnel. Social media is a […]

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  • Apr, 3

    5 Free Tools for Boosting eCommerce

    Top 5 Free Tools for Boosting the Performance of Your E-commerce Store As the online world is growing at a fast pace, it has resulted in an enormous increase in a way website owners are planning their expansion to deliver a smooth and convenient customer experience. Understanding the needs of the customers and managing the […]

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    Feb, 10

    Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

    Top 6 eCommerce and Digital Marketing Trends for 2015  “Sell less, make more” Businesses are targeting means and ways of finding that exact voice that speaks to them honestly. It’s an issue of sifting through junk and finding what works for you and what doesn’t. This is going to be possible thanks to the sufficient […]

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