Yo!Yumm - Customizable Multi Restaurant Food Delivery Software
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Yo!Yumm – Customizable Multi Restaurant Food Delivery Software

Yo!Yumm is a fully customizable multi-restaurant delivery software that enables entrepreneurs to quickly launch their online food delivery business without any hassle. The market-ready and advanced software features allow entrepreneurs to manage their marketplace conveniently. This exceptional online food ordering software can easily boost your multi-restaurant business.

The software is robust enough to handle large user requests and can also expand its functionalities with customization per the business’s requirements. In addition, the user-intuitive design and seamless navigation make it an ideal software to generate greater ROI for your food ordering and delivery marketplace. 

Some of the highlights of the software are:

  • One-time Fee & Lifetime License     
  • 100% White label    
  • Android & IOS Merchant/Buyer/Delivery Apps   
  • Advanced Delivery Management  
  • 12+ Pre Integrated APIs

Some additional features of Yo!Yumm is:

  • Track Delivery   
  • Restaurant Management   
  • Support & Assistance 
  • Reply to Reviews       
  • Menu Management     
  • Multiple Payment Options     
  • Reward Points     
  • Order Tracking     
  • Advanced Search  
  • Delivery Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Delivery Tracking

How the Delivery Module Works in Yo!Yumm

Yo!Yumm is a fully customizable turnkey software to build and launch a multi-restaurant food delivery platform. This feature-rich and best-in-class software offer unparalleled visibility and control over your food delivery business. In addition, the software is powered by leading-edge technology that fosters ease of use and an exceptional user experience.

The delivery module of Yo!Yumm is as smooth as any other module of the software. So let’s have a look at the working of its delivery module.

  • As soon as the restaurant accepts an order, the nearest delivery partner who has signed up with the restaurant also gets notified.
  • The delivery partner then accepts the order changing the order status automatically to “in preparation,” and reaches the restaurant to pick up the order.
  • Once the order is ready from the restaurant, the delivery partner gets a notification to pick up the order.
  • After picking up the order, the delivery partner changes the status to “order picked up” and sets out to deliver the food to the customer using the in-app navigation.
  • When the delivery partner covers half the distance, the app sends a notification “your order is on the way” to the customer.
  • The delivery partner then hands the order to the customer and changes the status to “delivered.”

The delivery module of Yo!Yumm is quite simple and straightforward. The order’s status is changed in real time for a better user experience. The customer gets an accurate estimate of the time required for the delivery.

For more information, contact their team.

Yo!Yumm – Customizable Multi Restaurant Food Delivery Software

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