Your Online Store on Social Media
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Your Online Store on Social Media

How to introduce your eCommerce website on social media the right way!

The online buying tradition has fast picked up steam, and now we are all big fans of online buying and e-stores, all of which give us the liberty of buying whatever we like, whenever we want.

Services such as free shipping and unique buying options available in online stores keep us more excited about the new digital buying experience.

E-commerce is now a force to reckon with. Therefore, as a start-up eCommerce business, your task is to market it the right way. And what better way is there to market an online store using social media marketing?

News spreads like wildfire on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and the likes. So whoever is serious about getting the word out should delve deep into how these social platforms work and how to get your message across to a large audience smartly.

Through social media marketing, a business uses a readily available market of buyers and targets them based on their buying preferences. Unfortunately, a large stock of social profiles makes for an intimidating marketplace where you can best market your products and services on social media platforms.

In the fast-paced digital world, it is essential to get your social media marketing tactics right.

Your Online Store on Social Media


Firms that cannot keep pace online are losing out on an important market segment of buyers who want to use more convenient buying practices. The online market allows you to interact with these buyers and know more about potential needs.

Branding and marketing have taken a new turn!

Here are a few tips for marketing your eCommerce store on social media from scratch:

  • Ensure your presence on all leading social media platforms – This means that you need to create accounts on social fora with the most significant number of followers to spread the word as widely as possible.

Facebook has over a billion subscribers, followed by Twitter, with 302 million monthly active users. Others include microblogging sites best for social media marketing include Reddit and photo sharing websites such as Pinterest and Flickr.

  • Keep your profile updated – If your social media profile is not updated regularly, chances are you will lose a lot of your followers as users will start to drift away from your inactive account.

Make sure your business information is reliable and updated and that users can easily redirect to your website and e-store through the information provided.

  • Engage with customers – Digital media content is getting more creative by the minute. We are looking at news stories, comics, campaign posts, advertisements, promotional content, and scores of videos online in just a few minutes.

That’s exactly what you need to do for your social media marketing campaign. Invest in developing graphics and images that will be eye-catching for both the current and the potential customer. Observe how the top social media agencies build interactive campaigns to run on social media that touch your customers and tempt them to buy your product.

On Pinterest, engage customers with pictures of your products or images of satisfied customers. Then, spice it up with the correct tags so that when someone is looking up “summer dresses,” your products pop up instantly on the photo website.

Maintain a blog with content coming in from left, right, and center. This doesn’t have to be all about yourself. Small snippets of information on your products will suffice and keep your reader interested. On Facebook, you can announce competitions that involve answering questions about the latest trends or your company and give away free discount coupons or one of your products/services to encourage the customer about your credibility.

On Twitter, make prolific use of the hashtag to promote your business lines, such as #bedlinen or #newborn.

Anything that leads to your website is a successful social media act done sBut, overtly by you! Of course, you must also share content from elsewhere.

Endorse related businesses, retweet creative and popular blogs, and engage with them in conversations. This will help you reach a larger audience that you may not have access to initially.

  • Treat the customer right – When you walk into a market store, you expect to be treated right. Therefore, your social media manager should also play the role of a customer support service representative who actively monitors business and personal activity on your social accounts and readily responds to customer queries and complaints.

A follower will not revisit a Twitter account with a slow response, and chances are he will tell more people about poor follow-up online. So, when you kick off your social media campaign for your eCommerce website, be sure to do it with the same determination as to any other marketing strategy. Be ready to invest time and creative energy, and you’re good to go!

Author Bio:

Misha Felicity is pretty crazy about computer games and is normally called a technology geek. She works as a community manager at Brandjaws and covers every aspect of online marketing, from branding to blogging and design. Also, a Pinterest addict who still does not know how to cook.


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