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As technology has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, the education industry remains no exception. It has profoundly changed the way education is being delivered and received. It provides qualitative advantages in the form of access to worldwide tutoring tools for skill growth, learning anytime anywhere, administration, and control of the availability from various locations.

With the growing popularity, many new edupreneurs are aligning to this changing rhythm, and therefore the number of online learning businesses has lately boomed. The unexplored technological advancements and innovations in the industry have invited many service providers to enter the market and expand their services using advanced solutions. The success of the platforms like Preply and Cambly is evidence enough of the direction of this shift.

This industry’s growing market makes it probably the perfect time to take a step forward towards building your own online tutoring marketplace. With a considerable number of off-the-shelf solutions available in the market that could validate your business idea, here we would like to put forward an exceptional solution – Yo!Coach.

About Yo!Coach

When looking out for a comprehensive and end-to-end solution to set up your own tutoring marketplace, Yo!Coach fits the criteria perfectly. The solution plays a vital role in ensuring a successful collaboration between the learners and tutors via online video chat. Descriptive admin and tutor dashboards aid in smooth management and efficient services. What makes this solution a must-pick for an online tutoring business are its impressive and outstanding features.

These not only add convenience for the business owner but also enhance the user experience and journey. We are sure there are enough reasons to opt for Yo!Coach as your software partner as you embark on your journey to becoming an online tutoring business owner.

Striking Characteristics of Yo!Coach

  • Customizable: As with any standard quality software, Yo!Coach can also be tailored as per your vision and desire. Business enthusiasts today like to add an innovation quotient to their ventures. With Yo!Coach you can realize your dreams for your online tutoring platform, customizing your business to your taste.
  • Scalable: Yo!Coach realizes that many requirements need to be fulfilled as you grow your business. With Yo!Coach you can scale your online tutoring marketplace as per the response and the traction on your platform. The software facilitates your growth when the time to step ahead is right.
  • Free Technical Support: You can now launch your online tutoring marketplace without any technical hiccups as you go live. Yo!Coach offers a full year of free tech support, resolving the nitty-gritty one faces while launching the platform. Very few products come with this assurance relieving you of your worries while you embark on a new journey with a technology partner.
  • Lifetime Ownership & Self-Hosted Solution: Yo!Coach is a pay-one-time and own-for-a-lifetime solution, where you have complete ownership of the software. On top of this, you can host it on the server of your choice, where you manage all your hosting.
  • Pre-Integrated APIs (others can also be integrated at extra cost): With several already pre-integrated APIs (Authorize.Net, CometChat, Lessonspace, PayPal, Stripe, Zoom) supporting the operations of your online tutoring platform, Yo!Coach comes in handy with the feasibility to add more to suit your business’s needs. You can include multi-payment options with multiple language choices, currency choices, and a lot more at your convenience.
  • Multilingual/Multicurrency: The vision with Yo!Coach was to facilitate edupreneurs and business people worldwide with their dreams of launching a dynamic online tutoring marketplace. The inclusion of multiple languages and currencies functionality has made this vision a realization. Everyday Yo!Coach is empowering the business community to bring such marketplaces to help connect learners with tutors of different nationalities.

A brief discussion of each stakeholder’s features in the process will give you an insight as to what all perks each of them enjoy.

Admin: When you launch an online tutoring business, you need to be ready with exceptional management strategies and systems. To take care of the tutors on your marketplace, onboarding, marketing, lessons, learners, revenue, and various management-related activities are a cake-walk with Yo!Coach. Precisely planned features help the admin control and run the business smoothly. Some valuable features which make the business owner’s life easy while going online are:

  • User Management
  • Commission Management
  • Reports & Statistics
  • CMS Management

Tutor: A wisely developed tutoring software keeps in mind both the comfort and the efficiency of the tutors. Yo!Coach brings into creating a client-centric marketplace, so the features and functionalities for the tutors offer immense control. They can manage all components of their profile, data, lesson, availability, location, etc., independently without any hassle. The tutors’ features broadly are:

  • Mark Availability
  • Wallet Management
  • Session Management
  • Lesson Price Management

Learner: Anyone coming onto an online tutoring platform look for propinquity to get as much of a near-real experience. When they get demo classes with the tutors, lesson plans of the forthcoming sessions, a smooth user interface, they are content and happy. Along with this, they get to set up a profile of their own, add their favorite tutors, view orders, and do much more in their account. Yo!Coach offers beneficial features for the tutoring marketplaces for its learners.

  • Search Tutors
  • Session Scheduling
  • Mark Favorite Tutors
  • Review

Marketing & SEO Features

When business owners launch online tutoring platforms, they want their platform to gain popularity and visibility. Software that provides the feasibility to carry out basic marketing activities with features allowing various approaches is always a better choice rather than looking for third-party support for such practices. Yo!Coach comes with the admin or marketplace owner’s functionalities to conduct their marketing activities as per their planning and vision.

The following are some of the marketing opportunities available with Yo!Coach:

  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Gift cards

Possible Revenue Channels

Yo!Coach understands the importance of efficient revenue channels in a tutoring marketplace and, therefore, enables the business owners to maximize their profits with several possible revenue channels.

  • Commission from bookings
  • Premium listings
  • Banner ads


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Closing Thoughts

Yo!Coach is an excellent pick for those interested in launching their own online tutoring marketplace. It gives you leverage to launch a platform where learners and tutors can connect seamlessly, taking online education at a whole new level, and that too, while at the comfort of their home. An intuitive interface and plentiful customizations make Yo!Coach a worthy choice of partnering as you begin your journey as an edupreneur.

Yo!Coach – Best Solution To Launch an Online Tutoring Platform

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