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The city of Karachi is considered the trade hub for Pakistan. The reason is that all the country’s major trade is operated through it. The Pakistan Stock Exchange is also situated in Karachi as well. The city is always buzzing with busy streets and businesses running, making it the trade capital of the country. The city has more international significance as it has the most significant and busiest deep-water seaports in the South Asian region.

The two deep-water seaports of Karachi, i.e., The Karachi Port and Port Qasim, together a handle around 90% of all the external trade of Pakistan. Both the ports have great significance, but Karachi Port is considered to more busy and advanced seaports of both. The Karachi port alone handles about 250 million tons per annum cargo of the nation, both in imports and exports. Its geographical position is significant, which makes it in proximity range to all the major shipping routes.

Port Qasim is more of an industrial use port. It has various industries like Pakistan Steel, Bin Qasim Power Plant, and other automotive industries set in that region, making industrial operations reachable. It gives its unique importance. Also, the country’s first integrated cargo container control facility has been installed at Port Qasim with a joint investment of over $8 million by Pakistan & US Customs.

Pakistan International Freight Forwarding Association – PIFFA is the only representative body having over 500 members. It looks & supports all the freight forwarders operations in Pakistan. Among those members are some of the world’s top shipping companies facilitated at both busiest ports and more effectively on the Karachi Port.

The enormous international shipping companies ranked by Alpha-Liner, which keeps the records of world container ship fleets. Shows the top shipping companies that are operating at the Port of Karachi.

Maersk Group

The Danish business conglomerate, mainly known as Maersk, operates in various business sectors but mainly in the shipping sector. It is considered to be the most significant supply vessel operator in the world. Maersk holds 272 owned running vessels with a combined capacity of 1.7 million TEU and 308 chartered vessels with a combined total of 1.1 million TEU.

Although the offices operate from all over Pakistan, all the primary operations are held and handled on the Karachi Port. The Maersk is equipped with the latest modern shipping technologies hence requires all the advanced facilities at the port at the time of operations.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

MSC, the very familiar name to the shipping world, is ranked the second-largest shipping line in container vessel capacity. Although it is a private company, it is reputed as one of the world’s most advanced and effective shipping lines.

It has a fleet of 471 operating container vessels that are consistently cruising over the entire globe. Operations are mainly handled from the head offices in Geneva, employing around 25,000 employees in more than 500 offices across 155 countries. The services provided by the Karachi Port are all executed from the main offices in Karachi. All the operation’s needs are well managed and aligned by the port’s management and operations.

China Ocean Shipping Company

COSCO is a Chinese Shipping & Logistics services supplier that belongs to the Chinese government. It’s said to be the most advanced shipping fleet globally, with well-developed IT and E-commerce systems with an interconnected international platform.

COSCO owns more than 170 advanced modern vessels operating around the globe, with offices set in 49 countries. Soon it will be joining the race of even bigger fleets as it is said that they are planning to expand and enhance in the coming decades.

The operations of COSCO ships require advanced port facilities, and Karachi Port is capable of equipping the shipping fleet of COSCO with all the needed functions needs to maintain the flow of execution at the port.

These are just a few of the names docked several times a year on the busy ports of Karachi. Consider the enormous number of fleets and cargo managed at the port; it required significant expertise and well-organized infrastructure. What and how the Karachi Port Trust – KPT is doing is an exceptional amount of work. And, domestic shipping companies in Karachi acknowledge that, but international shipping companies define it as the execution of perfection. With the lessons from the following decades and the future ahead, Karachi Ports will enhance and advance to meet the growing market needs and grow a healthy economy. There is still room for improvement which will soon be the need for the fast-paced, evolving shipping world.


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