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How to Work From Home during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak

A traditional working environment provides employees with focus and workspace and engagement intended to optimize productivity for the benefit of most employers and employees.  So, it is no surprise that most of us are not wired to work alone from home.

Issues with working from home can include loneliness and lack of motivation.  With the right mindset and steps in place, and availability online, you can work from home during this pandemic, with only a few disruptions.

You need to make sure you are setting clear expectations of yourself during your working time.  Changing to working from home may be a challenge for many managers and employees.  Especially if it has never been done before and if your company is a client-facing company.  It is essential to build up a healthy relationship of trust and confidence.

Applying for a virtual office is one of your business’s many options to stay in production during the pandemic.  These are extremely easy to set up and are accessible online with many providers. Virtual Offices give you the ability to have your mail for your business scanned and emailed over to you, so you do not need to collect mail from a physical office during the lockdown period or collect from a sorting office if you miss a parcel.

Business VOIP lines are also a brilliant addition to many virtual office packages. These offer the ease of having your work calls diverted through to your mobile or number of your choice to be able to take at home, so you do not miss any of those important business calls.  VOIP lines offer a wide range of facilities if you have more than one staff member who needs access to the requests.

Hiring a meeting room on an Ad-hoc basis can also be a more convenient way to continue during the pandemic.  If your meeting/hearing is essential and must occur, then hiring a meeting room with space around each person for a set time, on an hourly basis time frame, can be a more cost-effective option. Most serviced office providers offer a pay-as-you-go meeting room facility.

Shared office facilities are also another excellent option for individuals who can no longer travel to work but may need an office base to work from.  These are also available online to sign up for, with lots of different options to choose from. A right serviced office provider should provide some shared office or co-working solution in your local area.  Some packages will accept mail on your behalf and offer mail scanning services, depending on which packages are taken. They give you the freedom to come in and still work away from home at a time that best suits you, and that is more local to your home. Many will come with 24/7 access.

Finding an office closer to your home can certainly benefit you by reducing the risk of traveling during the pandemic.  Some serviced offices offer agreements with a 30 day notice period with no tie-in period or long-term leases.  These are ideal and help reduce traveling time to and from work if you can find local.  Most serviced offices offer 24 access. This will reduce having to be at the office during busier times when there are many people around, and the risk of contamination is higher.

The most important thing is maintaining excellent communication with people, whether you are based at home or in an office.  Whether it is clients, colleagues, or friends/family.  However, your manager/colleagues should always know what you are working on and whether it affects them or if you have already dealt with a client’s inquiry when it has come in.  A big part of most people’s jobs is job satisfaction and a healthy working environment.  It is essential to stay in touch with colleagues, check that they are ok or check if anyone struggles with working at home.

One of the most important things, whether you are at home or the office, but more so now, is making sure you take breaks to step away.  Get some fresh air, and take some time out, keep hydrated.  This will help to stay focused on your day.

Author Bio:

Matt Price is a blogger and speaker who enjoy enlightening others about unknown and little-known facts. Matt is the owner of Icon offices, and we provide luxury serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and shared rooms at a cheap rate in East London, Essex.

Work From Home during the COVID-19

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