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Work Faster and Write Better Blogs

Top 5 Blogging Tools: Make Your Work Faster and Write Better

Blogging is one of the very effective methods of improving SEO rankings as blogs are quite the favorites of search engines. Blogging tools have made it easier to churn out better posts while saving time. When you have to write blogs on a regular basis and keep the content of the post relevant and interesting each time, these tools come in real handy. Let’s learn about some really effective tools:


Before you can start writing blogs, you need to have a home for them. WordPress is perfect for blogging and is the most commonly used Content Management System (CMS). It powers more than 74 million sites and is predominantly favored by businesses. WordPress has the following benefits for bloggers:

  • Easy to use and its content editor is not complicated
  • Variety of professional looking themes to choose from
  • Plugins which help to enhance the blog
  • Comes with an inbuilt blogging feature
  • Easy to integrate with other tools
  • Allows for a team to work on the same account
  • A supportive and active community

If you already own a website that was developed somewhere else, it’s absolutely easy to add it to this platform. Your web developer or web hosting company can assist you in setting this up.

Google Keyword Planner

The next step is to plan out your keywords. This means that you have to understand your target segment and conduct a search. What are the words they commonly use? You can try and guess these, but when you have tools to help, why not make good use of them and be sure?

You can simply key in the ‘seed’ words and the tool will generate a set of terms that you can use. It will also tell you how many people use those specific terms to carry out a search on Google.

There are other similar blogging tools such as Long Tail Pro with a lot of filters.


Now that you have the keywords, can you start writing? No. You need a relevant topic and suitable title with focus on your keywords. You can refer to other blog posts, which have already used those keywords. To find such posts, you will need Buzzsumo. It will help you look for the ones, which are popular and shared highly on social media.

The content that you find can give you insights into what works. You can even look at the content shared by competition. Once you know what already exists, you can aim at creating better posts adding gems from your personal knowledge as well. With this, you are ready to join the blogger community and start penning down your thoughts.

Readability Test Tool

What kind of language do you prefer to use? What you prefer is of lesser importance than what your audience wants. For an average person to be interested in the content, your language needs to match that at the middle school level. The concept behind this is when text is easy to read, it’s generally more digestible. And to help you know whether you have been able to achieve this level, you can use the Readability Test Tool.

It assesses your post on top readability indicators and lets you know where you stand. If you are close to the desired level, you know that you have created an easy-to-read post. If not, you could think of modifying some parts to edge closer to the ideal.

Yoast SEO Plug-in

SEO is the way forward for growing businesses. When users search on search engines such as Google or Bing, they look for keywords and enter your website the results are displayed. So, you would want to be at the top to get the traffic directed towards your site.

There are on-page and off-page aspects that can affect SEO. Yoast SEO is a plugin from WordPress. It can help you with improving the on-page factors such as meta titles, URL, content, and layout.


These are the blogging tools that will help you in writing the blog post. Make your work faster and write better by using these.

Work Faster and Write Better Blogs

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