WordPress Predictions for 2018
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WordPress Predictions for 2018

Proven WordPress Predictions that will Rule the Industry in 2018

The technology is changing rapidly these days and it is empowering the web development world with great ways. If you would ask any web developer to give their opinion on the best website development platform, he will surely include WordPress web development on his list. This proves that WordPress has gained a strong niche in the industry as one of the trusted web development platforms.

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Many of you may not be aware of the fact that WordPress powers a larger part of overall websites. It has become a platform which is catering to all needs of businesses with its powerful features and functionalities. It is calculated that around 27.5 percent of the world’s best websites are based on WordPress and rely on it for their operations. These are the astounding stats about WordPress and expected to get high-rise in the future.

Now, it would not be hard to believe why people are moving towards WordPress integrations whether it is blogging or business website development. Gradually, people have started loving WordPress due to its amazing features and plugin options which made it more popular among its lovers. This is the reason, they show interest in knowing what new is happening with the platform. Or, what new features are about to come in updated WordPress version?

This blog is for those who are curious to know the strategies WordPress is going to disclose for web developers in 2018.

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Explore our predictions:

Mobile-first approach will be a vital part

You should not be surprised when we say that people are turning more to their mobiles for their regular browsing activities. The reason is, they find it easier to browse something on their mobile devices rather to especially sitting and searching on the desktops. Due to the rise in mobile devices and users, you can expect much more demand for mobile-friendly in 2018 and further coming years. Apart from this, websites with old themes and outdated designs that don’t go with mobile screen layouts will not be entertained in the future and penalized by Google. So, there is no scope for ignoring the mobile-first approach.

Video headers would be greatly involved

Video headers would be greatly involved 

Without video, branding is incomplete. Hence, it is proved that as the content, video is also the king in website designing. To make their business presence powerful on the internet, marketers, and advertisers are getting more focused on video integration into web designs. They are making it happen using WordPress specific plugins or features. Video headers are not new as with the WordPress version 4.7, developers got a new function for loop video headers which allows a number of incredible options to display a video. It is suggested not to forget this in the future.

Website security will be more focused

Website security will be more focused

In this era of cyber attacking, you don’t take a risk for your website’s security. We have seen many website owners overlook this phase as they think their website is secure and no one will attack it. If you look back, there are many examples of website security attacks even on the sites that had implemented security measures. So, in the future, security cannot be ignored at any cost. One can use updated tools and WordPress security plugins to reduce this issue for your website.

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Drag and drop may cover the landscape

Drag and drop may cover the landscape 

Creating beautiful and functional websites is the quality of WordPress. Drag and drop functionality has paramount importance in website designing. Website customization is not so easy as many developers find it tough to carry out. With drag and drop feature, customization has become easier for web designers.

WordPress & E-commerce Will Serve Together

E-commerce industry increasing quite rapidly from the past few years and WordPress is playing a big role in its success. You can say that WordPress and e-commerce go hand in hand when it comes to establishing an online store with high-performing design and a wide number of products. WordPress has provided so many plugins that help developers build the best e-commerce platforms for small, medium and big businesses.

Wrapping Up:

There might be a huge surge in WordPress updates for 2018. In this blog, we have covered some important facts that are truly going to hit the market in 2018. So, keep all the above-mentioned aspects in mind while developing a website based on WordPress.

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Williams Heilmann is a professional WordPress developer in PSDtoWordPressExpert: PSD to WordPress conversion Service Provider. He is engaged in developing fruitful WP solutions for the clients. In his spare time, he researches the creative WP development ways and writes blogs to help other WordPress developers for making WordPress integrations better and effective.

WordPress Predictions for 2018

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