WordPress Plugins – 10 Plugins for WordPress Beginners
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WordPress Plugins – 10 Plugins for WordPress Beginners

Today we will talk about plugins for WordPress beginners. As you already know, Word Press is the most popular content management platform in the world. One of the main reasons for its meteoric popularity is the number of plugins it offers (as well as its catalog of themes). If you are new to the WordPress universe, plugins add specific features to your site, allowing your site to do virtually anything.

Do you know those awesome features you see on large corporate websites? Then, when installing the correct plugin you can add a similar feature (or even the same) and features to your own site. WordPress enables the creation of professional websites even for beginners.

Plugins for WordPress Beginners – the right choice

To take advantage of all that WordPress has to offer, you will surely need to install a collection of plugins. Although there are more than 45,000 plugins in the WordPress Repository, the task of choosing which of the many the right ones are can be difficult for beginners.

Today we will show 10 plugins for WordPress beginners. And Best of all: all the plugins on this list are free.

If you installed WordPress for the first time and are facing a blank screen without any idea where to start, this post is for you. We will also explain why each plugin is essential and also suggest some alternatives for each. Find out which plugin for beginners WordPress best fits your need and enjoy!

1- Akismet

Spam really is the scourge of the Internet – and is tireless too. Before you generate good traffic on your site, you will still find your WordPress flooded with spam notifications. With so much spam to handle it is very easy for legitimate and insightful comments to get lost. Akismet is an active spam filter that automatically blocks and discards the worst cases. Part of the Automatic family (staff who created WordPress.com), Akismet is free to use on personal blogs.

  1. Jetpack by WordPress.Com

Maintained by Automatic, the jetpack plugin is a well-codified set of 36 modules – Each module adds a different useful feature. This means that Jetpack is essentially a 36 compressor roller in 1. However difficult the user will use all the modules available, but among them is an undeniably useful and wide range of features of WordPress, such as: improve the area of comments, new widget’s, and security, among other things. Each module can be activated and deactivated at will, in this way, you do not need to use all the features of Jetpack.

  1. SEO Yoast

What good of a website if no one visits there? To increase the traffic of your WordPress site you need to create content that is easy to discover and that involves the use of SEO tactics. Yoast SEO is a fantastic SEO plugin. It allows you to mark the keywords you want to be racketed and in addition, you can edit the snippet as it appears on Google. And to ensure that you haven’t forgotten something, the plugin offers a checklist to see if you’re using SEO best practices.

Join a high-quality XML sitemap feature – which certifies your content to be indexed by search engines – and ready! You have a very efficient SEO plugin.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

If you prefer to dedicate yourself to an XML Sitemap plugin, there is no need to search for more. With more than 1 million active installations, Google XML Sitemaps shares the structure of your site with Google robots for them to search and index. This means that no content is left behind, ensuring more understandable indexing.

The plugin is ideal for blogs that are regularly updated, for example. At the time you press the Publish button, your sitemap is automatically updated and all search engines are notified. This is the quickest way to have your content indexed.

  1. WP Super Cache

Site caching is one of the ways to optimize the speed of your site. Because the vast majority of sites do not change frequently, loading every aspect from scratch becomes inefficient. Instead, the caching plugin generates and serves a static HTML version of your site. Visitors won’t be able to tell the difference, except that their pages will load significantly faster – and Google will love your site for it.

Choosing a cache plugin is a bit tricky. Although there are many options available, there are some caching plugins that are incompatible with certain hosting. If you want a robust caching plugin, the requester is the WP Super Cache.

This plugin does the caching of your site in three ways: Mod_Rewirte, PHP, and legacy caching. WP Super Cache is also very easy to install. In addition, it advanced settings that make it even more efficient.

  1. Contact Form 7

This plugin does exactly what its name says – it is a contact form plugin that allows your visitors (and prospective customers) to contact you in a practical way. Contact Form 7 has been the standard form plugin, having more than 37 million downloads.

The plugin allows you to build and manage unlimited forms so that you can have specific forms that suit your need. With this plugin, you can build contact forms quickly and easily, with custom fields and different types of advanced fields (such as a checkbox or drag-and-drop list) with built-in captcha to combat spam.

  1. MailChimp for WordPress

If you want to build a site that resists time, and that relatively are immune to the changes of Google’s alacritous, you need to build an email list. Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available to webmasters.

Mail Chimp is constantly pointed out as one of the best WordPress services. As such, it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to cultivate an email list. The easiest way to build a list is with the plugin – adds elegant opt-in forms to any site distributed with WordPress. Although MailChimp is free, its service is freemium (free and premium). While your list has fewer than 2,000 subscribers the MailChimp service remains free, if you are above this number you will need to pay for the premium plan.

  1. WooSidebar

The overwhelming majority of WordPress themes are supported in the sidebar. And because of the prominence of the sidebar on the page, it’s a great place to get important information (like a section on) an opt-in form and also to display widgets.

If you would like to show sidebars, it is recommended to install the plugin Woosidebar. The plugin allows you to build an unlimited number of custom sidebars, which can combine text and widgets. It is also possible to specify where you want each sidebar – being in posts or in category pages or posts.

  1. Disqus Comment System

There are still good reasons to leave the comments section open. If you want to interact with your audience you may want to consider upgrading the default system of WordPress comments. Our recommendation is the Disqus Comment System plugin. This plugin supports comments and answers, indexes comments to improve SEO and is also equipped with anti-spam filters.

The login feature through the social network makes it super easy for visitors to subscribe and comment. If you need an active comments menu section, Disqus will help you a lot.

  1. Easy Updates Manager

Most people assume that WordPress theme, plugin, and core updates are only to add new more enhanced features. Although this is partly true, many updates are to ensure known vulnerabilities – thus leaving your site safer.

If you own multiple sites, paying attention to all updates is work and so much. You can delegate part of this effort to the Easy Updates Manager plugin. You can use this plugin either if you have one or multiple sites and there are several features to set up as automatic updating depending on larger or smaller releases.


And these are 10 suggestions for WordPress starter plugins. If you started your site now these are some of the plugins you should check out. All are available for free in the official WordPress plugins directory. There are many WordPress plugins that are excellent – we don’t even talk about premium plugins – but this selection represents a good list for beginners in WordPress.


Barnard M. Miller is a professional Post-Blogger. He loves to contribute content into different blogs to increase his writing portfolio and currently, he is working with a Custom leather jackets retailer that name is The Leather Makers.

WordPress Plugins – 10 Plugins for WordPress Beginners

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