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7 Reasons Why WordPress Landing Page Plugins Will Be Top-notch Web Development Tools

The landing page of your website is a determining factor for the first impression that people make of your business. Just think about it, whether your landing page is elegant, intuitive, and responsive is the factor that decides whether the retention rate or the bounce rate of your WordPress (WP) website will grow. It would be best if you also kept in mind that WordPress is the world’s biggest CMS (content management system) for a reason. A huge part of this reason is its numerous plugins, which allow you to reshape your website in any way you see fit. That being said, here are the top seven reasons why WP landing page plugins are top-notch web development tools.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Landing Page Plugins Will Be Top-notch Web Development Tools

1.     They’re simple to use

One of the things that most laymen web admins are afraid of is the likelihood that they’ll have to code themselves. Well, with the help of landing page plugins for WP, you’ll be able to skip this step in its entirety. With the right plugin, there’s no coding required, and you can handle this issue with the help of a so-called drag-and-drop (or even point-and-click) principle. Now, just because this method is simple, this doesn’t mean that it’s ineffective. In fact, these methods are, nowadays, being widely used even by some of the industry’s top professionals in graphic design from Sydney.

2.     They improve the speed of performance

Speed is everything when it comes to customer satisfaction, and with the right landing page plugin, you can easily get the most out of it. An average human has an attention span of a goldfish, which means that you have just a couple of seconds to win them over (between 7 and 9, depending on the research in question). As far as your bottom line goes, the truth is that after 4 seconds of failing to load, your website is bound to lose about ¼ of its total audience, which is a formidable number. All of this can be avoided with a simple plugin.

3.     Help in making a more efficient visual design

The professionalism of your company is often determined by seemingly unrelated factors such as the design of your website. Why is this unrelated? First of all, the quality of your website’s design doesn’t necessarily translate into the quality of work performed by the client in question. Still, these things are not something that a person can know before they actually do business with a company. Sure, there are always reviews, but reviews can be quite misleading. Instead, why not use a plugin to make the site look top-notch and avert this dilemma altogether.

4.     Ability to personalize

The most important way these plugins contribute to your landing page is by allowing you to customize it and fit your overall business marketing strategy fully. The way this works is fairly simple and straightforward. You have many landing pages available to choose from and an abundance of templates to try out. Changing these templates is fairly easy and, seeing as how some of these plugins allow for a fairly simple A/B testing, it will also become quite easy for you to tell which of these features you should replace first.

5.     They’re affordable

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that most of these plugins are the so-called freemium content. This means that you have a free version that you can use at your own behest and a premium version that comes with some extra features but at a cost. Keep in mind that this gives you a chance to test a plugin without committing to spending money on it right away. On the other hand, if you’re happy with the features (as they are), you aren’t obliged to go for a premium at all. Unlike with trial versions, you can use the free version indefinitely.

6.     Mobile-friendliness

In this day and age, it’s pivotal that your website is mobile-friendly. Seeing as how most people browse the internet via phone, this is of the utmost importance. By optimizing the website for mobile, you’ll appease both Android and iOS. This will also help you avoid the app-related debate of which of these two Oss go first. Either way, going mobile-first is definitely an option that you need to consider because most mobile users expect the speed of their mobile browsing to be equal to that of their desktop-based counterparts.

7.     The variety of choice

The last pro-landing-page-plugin argument is the fact that you have so many amazing options to choose from. You cannot go wrong with plugins like Elementor, Thrive, Architect, OptimizePress, and Beaver Builder. Nonetheless, this is merely at the top of the list, and there are so many amazing landing page plugins for you to look for. Do your research and read through some user reviews to unveil which of these plugins is right for you.

In conclusion

As you can see, the reasons are both numerous and persuasive, regardless if you decide to look from a technical standpoint or the standpoint of convenience/expediency. The ability to take full control over the development of your website is a massive move in the right direction. After all, every web admin is a business owner, and self-reliance is the rarest, most valuable commodity in the business world.

WordPress Landing Page Plugins

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