WordPress is the Most Preferred Platform for Websites
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WordPress is the Most Preferred Platform for Websites

Why WordPress is the Most Preferred Platform for Website Designing and Development

Content management systems have come and gone, but not WordPress. Have you ever wondered why it is so? What is so unique about this platform that makes both developers and users its fan? Since its inception way back in 2003, WordPress has gone from being a more or less ubiquitous and straightforward blogging site to being the most preferred and prominent open source web development platform across the world. It is not an easy achievement!

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WordPress is the Most Preferred Platform for Websites


If you are wondering why you should choose WordPress over other platforms like Joomla, Weebly, Wix, Drupal and more, take a look at the following reasons. These will not only help you understand why not just designing and development are better on WordPress but how maintenance is also easier on this increasingly popular platform:

It is easy to learn and manage:

Ease of use is the first thing that you will notice once you start using WordPress. The convenience provides you with is unparalleled. You understand that you would not just design and develop a website and leave it at that. You will need to keep up the maintenance, regularly update the site to keep the content fresh for your target audience. You will not need to send the new information to your IT department or the service provider that you have hired and wait for them to make the changes. You can do it yourself. The upkeep gets easier with WordPress. If you are developing a B2B website, there is no better platform than this as the learning curve is short, the interface is user-friendly, and changes can be made in real-time.

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There are many options that you can choose from:

What is it that you want to change to improve the performance of your website? Is it optimizing the metadata on each page? Are you looking to speed up the loading time of your site? Do you want to get an easy way to make your visitors sign up for a monthly newsletter? You will find a plugin for each function that you want to perform. WordPress has a wide variety of plugins that provide you with extended capabilities. Some are even free! They help to create a seamless experience for end-users.

Support and security are guaranteed:

WordPress is best described as a community. It has been around for more than a decade, and much of its popularity is based on the fact that it has been created and is maintained by a large community of developers. Thus, a support community is always there to help you. There are WordPress forums where developers and designers discuss issues and solutions. You are never too far from the support that you need to create, manage and update your website.

Moreover, this is a secure system which can be easily integrated with other platforms. It rolls out updates frequently to make sure that the security is uncompromised. Users always receive notifications when updates are required, and the platform also tells them how they can get these updates quickly.

WordPress sites are made for search engines:

No this is not an exaggeration, and yes, that means WordPress is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The coding and markups that are used to create WordPress sites are compliant with best practices. Thus, search engine spiders can easily find and crawl them. Besides, some plugins can be integrated into your website to improve the use of SEO data including meta descriptions,  H1 titles, meta titles and more. Optimizing web pages can be done swiftly with SEO plugins. Direct audits of on-page optimization are also possible with these plugins. It is one of the main reasons why reputed firms like Tayloright use this CRM platform for most of their web development projects.

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Responsive web designs provide added benefits:

Well, you already know that responsive website design gives a substantial boost to your SEO efforts. When you use WordPress, you automatically get the benefit of responsive web technology and do not need to create several versions of the same website for each device.

Besides scalability and simplicity, one of the primary reasons why business owners prefer WordPress is the cost-effectiveness that the platform offers. With no coding and enhanced simplicity, updating and maintaining the business website become less time-consuming. They can be done by an individual too, eliminating the need for a technical team. It helps to save big on maintenance. So don’t wait any longer. Contact your website developer or designer today and make your website the best it can be.

Author bio: Maria Jones is a web designer who has much experience in working with WordPress. She recommends the use of this platform for B2B websites. She has also written many articles on the benefits of using WordPress which can be found on Tayloright.

WordPress is the Most Preferred Platform for Websites

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