WordPress for Corporate Website Development

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WordPress for Corporate Website Development

WordPress, a robust, well-supported, and flexible CMS, empowers around 20% of all self-hosted websites globally. It’s stable and capable of handling all websites or web apps. Here,e we will mention five reasons why WordPress should be a preferred choice for developing a corporate website.

The WordPress development company can build an enterprise-grade website using this CMS and assist you in serving a huge user base or attracting many visitors. WordPress can manage any web project and offer the flexibility to add new features and customize the website when necessary.

5 Reasons Developers Should Choose WordPress for Corporate Website Development

WordPress fits in the category of a reliable and scalable framework with a proven track record. Here are the top five reasons you should choose WordPress to develop a corporate website.

Open-source platform

WordPress is an open-source platform. In other words, the source code is readily available for personal and commercial use. The WordPress development company can redistribute or modify the source code to build enterprise-level websites. The largest community of active developers also supports WordPress users, and the makers of WordPress keep bringing security improvements and features regularly.

What’s more, WordPress is easily customizable from day one. You can easily customize or modify the WordPress website per business needs. WordPress plugins can enable you to implement additional functionality, and appealing themes can effectively convey your company’s objectives.

Responsive development

Developing a responsive website is the need of the hour. WordPress offers many free and responsive premium themes that work seamlessly across various devices. Today, mobile devices are used to visit company websites, and WordPress-powered websites remain mobile-friendly.

Even if the theme you have selected is not responsive, it is possible to make it so for the WordPress development company. The development company can either choose an existing theme or build the theme from scratch as per your business needs. Responsiveness is one of the biggest benefits of the WordPress platform, as you can get a higher ranking for your corporate website on Google SERPs.


What if many visitors visit your website at once? If you do not consider this situation, the chances are high that your business website will crash after serving too many visitors simultaneously. WordPress provides scalability to your corporate website. Examples include top-rated websites like CNN, Spotify, and Time. WordPress powers all these websites. These websites can easily handle heavy web traffic.

If you own an online store or even a blog, then the scalability of WordPress can help you a lot. With WordPress, you can serve users with a stable and scalable website that does not slow down or crash during high traffic. You can also make your business site scalable by yourself just by focusing on the following areas-

    • Keep a large buffer pool for data.
    • Integrate features like MySQL Query Cache to strengthen database
    • Handle database requests with the help of solutions like MySQL replication

You can get assistance from the WordPress development company to keep your site scalable.

Multisite functionality

Thanks to multisite functionality, WordPress enables you to run as many sites as you need from a single core installation. This functionality enables you to create a private network of all the websites you own. You can also develop a network where people can add their websites. This is why hundreds of thousands of new websites keep adding to this platform.

When you expand your business by developing new products, you can easily integrate related web pages into the same WordPress network.

Built-in User Management

WordPress has a built-in feature for user role management. It empowers you to control who can access your website and to what extent. From a security perspective, this is one of the most important features offered by WordPress. Modern enterprises find it extremely beneficial as users can manage their accounts, and administrators can provide access per the hierarchy. It certainly prevents the corporate website from getting into the wrong hands.

WordPress is an excellent choice if a scalable, flexible, and user-friendly enterprise website is all you need. However, exploring various options per your project needs and user expectations is better.

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