Wo Kann Ich Hanf Öl Kaufen?

Answer: Your Local German Rewe Grocery Store. With all the fuss about the regulation and redesignation of hanf öl (that is Deutsch for hemp oil), it is showing up in some unusually normal places of late, starting with the third-largest grocery store chain in the country.

The European Commission may be huffing and puffing about whether to spin the CBD biz into a new direction if not tizzy in September with their potential declaration of CBD as a “narcotic.” European regulators are also still holding the “Novel Food” threat over the entire discussion (when not delaying this expensive torture for the nod to the idea that CBD is a narcotic.)

In the meantime, in Germany at least, local CBD companies are beginning to make market inroads stealthily – and further in some exciting places. Rewe has 3,000 stores across the country.

Beyond grocery stores, there are organic health stores, wellness stores, and of course, good old smoke shops.

wo kann ich hanf oil kaufen
Photo Credit: Marguerite Arnold

Game over!

Indeed, from this reality alone, for all the official huffing and puffing at both the EU and even German national level about the entire CBD discussion (beyond the GMP certified kind), it appears that every day, good old, consumable hemp oil is now for sale in organic packaging (the above product had an EU-BIO label) at mainstream grocery stores. Indeed, as we have long predicted, the entire Narcotic/Novel Food entire discussion might well be easily and handily sidestepped if one proceeds along the route of EU-BIO as a certificatory mandate. This regulatory schemata also covers extraction and processing.

When in Rome, right?

And what does this say about predictions for the fate of all those gnarly regulations, when it comes right down to it? In either Berlin or Brussels?

The market is acting. And it is not exactly a new thing.

wo kann ich hanf oil kaufen
Photo Credit: Marguerite Arnold

Last Christmas, HIT, another grocery store chain, added hemp rum sourced from the UK to its options of Weihnacht liquor options. Right down the aisle from the good old standby, Glühwein.

Is The CBD Battle Going To Be “Won?”

It is very likely for this and other budding signs (far from Berlin) that the battle may still be raging in theory. Yet, in practice, the foot soldiers are giving up and going home under cover of a grocery store wholesale contract. It is unlikely that Rewe did not understand the enormous interest in and popularity of this product, and came up with an attractive, certified offering.

Where are the Polizei?

Indeed along with CBD extract stores (albeit at the high end) opening in Frankfurt (and advertising brazenly on the outside of city street trams), one would think that this entire contretemps over CBD has been done and dusted for a while.

wo kann ich hanf oil kaufen
Photo Credit: Marguerite Arnold

Not so fast.

Most of this discussion is really about slowing down the pace of recreational reform, as it has been other places. That said, with Luxembourg on the docket now for the end of next year, expect all kinds of pressure and liberalization in strange places.

It is inevitable.

If New Zealand votes in a recreational market next month, it is also highly likely that not just Luxembourg will progress down this road in Europe within the next 18.

And while it is highly unlikely if not guaranteed that Girl Scout Cookie gummies will be appearing any time soon at a German markt, if not ever, look for more of the more subtle incursions along the edges as the entire debate moves ever closer to new normality that, at this juncture, is inevitable.

Wo Kann Ich Hanf Öl Kaufen?

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