Will Streaming Eventually Make Cable Obsolete?

Will Streaming Eventually Make Cable Obsolete?

The consumer trend suggests that streaming will eventually make cable obsolete. However, what is the truth in this claim? Can streaming take over cable TV? Are we at a point where cable TV does not do any good and needs to be replaced? We will answer all these questions in this article.

Before making any claim, we need to understand why this shift occurs in the first place. Cable TV used to be the primary source of entertainment. However, as more and more consumers started joining the bandwagon, it became more and more expensive. Today, if you want to get the basic cable, you will have to pay $60 to $70 per month after taxes and equipment fees every month. Secondly, there are a lot of additional charges on top. If you want to get the local channels, cable providers charge you a local broadcast fee every month, and there are sports surcharges for the local sports channels. Spectrum is a few providers with limited charges on top, no contracts, and affordable monthly bills. You can get more information by visiting https://www.localcabledeals.com/Spectrum/CableTV.

Moreover, the biggest benefit of cable TV is becoming its own enemy. A basic cable plan has more than 100 channels in the lineup. The lineups are tailored to meet the need of every household. However, consumers argue that paying for something you don’t actually watch is somewhat illogical. These extra channels should not exist in the first place, and everyone should have the choice to choose the channel lineup themself.

Lastly, many cable TV providers require you to sign a contract. These contracts last for one or two years. If you cancel your service before the end of this contract term, you are charged an early termination fee depending upon the number of months left in your contract.

How does streaming make everything convenient? Streaming services are very cheap. You can get a basic service for under $20. If you want the best of both worlds, you can get multiple streaming services and still pay a monthly amount less than cable. Secondly, there are no additional charges on the streaming services. There is no monthly rental for the box. There are no local broadcast charges or other state taxes. As a result, it is easier to persuade the consumers.

The biggest benefit of streaming service is the convenience it offers. You can watch it anytime, anywhere you like. There are no physical boxes, and you can take your subscription to a holiday if there is a working internet connection.

Moreover, you have complete control over what you want to watch. The channel lineups are customized, and you pay for what you like. This means no extra channels.

These are all the reasons why the cord-cutting movement is gaining momentum these days. However, can we go to a point where the streaming services completely take over cable?

We do not think so. For streaming to completely take over cable, it has to be accessible almost everywhere in the United States. The problem is that streaming requires high-speed internet. Anything sub-par internet speed means that the stream will buffer and take some time to load. The problem is that America does not have the infrastructure to support high-speed internet in many areas. These geographically remote areas have satellites, and the speeds are not promising. Therefore, we have to make high-speed internet accessible first.

Secondly, cable TV offers much local news and sports channels. If you were a fan of college sports, you would want to have cable TV at your home. The local sports programming can get you exclusive action from the world of football and college basketball. In addition to the local channels, you get some great entertainment channels as well.

Who should get streaming? If you have basic or minimal usage and want just the important channels, you can get a streaming service. This might save you some bucks. If you are a fan of college sports and don’t want to miss any action from your favorite teams, get the cable. Although the cable TV plans are a bit expensive, it is justified with the variety of channels available.

Will Streaming Eventually Make Cable Obsolete?

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