Why Your Business Website Needs A Google Reviews Widget

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Why Your Business Website Needs A Google Reviews Widget

Consumers tend to search for reviews before making a purchase. Whether to purchase a new product, or service, book a hotel room, or do any business with a brand, consumers can’t ignore reviews. And that is because they don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on something that isn’t worthy. 

While reading the review, they expect the source to be trustworthy. And this is where Google reviews come into play. Google Reviews is known for being authentic and for supporting genuine consumer-written reviews. Even businesses trust these reviews and tend to display them on websites with the help of the Google review widget. Moreover, anonymous or spam reviews are not allowed on the platform, and they have a robust anti-spam filter that keeps the list of reviews clean, resourceful, and helpful. Making Google reviews the most trusted review platform.

Many big brands are keen to showcase these reviews on their website. Hence you might be noticing the trend where these brands are opting to embed Google review widgets on websites. Many tools like social media aggregators, reviews plugin for WordPress, etc., helps in this cause by easing this embedding process.

If you haven’t yet joined this bandwagon, this is the right time to do it. In recent years, the Google review widget on websites has emerged as a clever marketing maneuver, and in this blog, you will find the reasons for it.

Why Google Reviews Widget Can Be A Game-Changer For You

The Google review widget works as a functional block on the website, helping users display Google reviews without any hassle. Social media aggregators provide these widgets for different websites, while review plugins work for WordPress websites. And here are the reasons why brands are adopting this marketing strategy.

1. Builds credibility for the business

In this competitive environment, consumers are spoilt for choices. Numerous brands are working to gain more consumers and achieve their business goals; hence it is essential to have the edge over them to reach your goals. 

By displaying Google reviews on the website, you can flaunt your positive reviews in front of your consumers and win their trust. Moreover, these reviews on the website help build credibility for your business, eventually helping you stand out from the rest.

2. Adds an engagement element to the website

Having an engaging online presence can do wonders for your business. And what can be more engaging than reviews, right? But, of course, we all know that consumers tend to read reviews and collect as much information as possible before making a purchase decision.

Reviews can keep them engaged for a long time and helps in their decision-making. Moreover, tools that provide a Google review widget on websites usually have the auto-update feature that showcases the review when it uploads to the source. Hence your visitors get all the latest reviews on your website and stay engaged.

3. Improve website traffic

Consumers often visit various websites and platforms to read reviews about the product they are about to purchase or the brand they are about to get associated with.

As your website will have that facility where people can read reviews, they wouldn’t spend time browsing the internet. People will know where to go for reading reviews; that is your website. So, it might help in getting more web traffic for your website. More web traffic can also help you in various ways, as it helps in improving search engine ranking, brand recognition, etc.

4. Reduces bounce rate

Google review widget showcases reviews from your Google My Business account on your website without hassle. It holds visitors to your website and keeps them engaged, hence reducing the bounce rate of your website.

And we all know how fruitful a reduced bounce rate is for the website. It helps in boosting search engine rankings and improves brand recognition on the internet space.

5. Builds a review cycle

To maintain a reputation in the market and survive, your brand must have more reviews on the Google forum. However, even for this cause, the Google review widget plays a considerable role.

Consumers usually feel valued when a brand showcases its reviews on the website. So, when you showcase consumer feedback, it inspires other consumers to write reviews and get a feature on your website.

Summing It Up

Google review on the platform has the potential to provide tremendous growth to your website. It helps build reliability for the business and helps them know the reception of their product and brand in the market. At the same time, it helps consumers make their purchase decisions, assisting businesses in reaching their sales goals.

However, you can extract maximum benefits from the platform by opting to embed the Google review widget on the website. Furthermore, you can easily add a widget on the website with social media aggregators for various websites and review plugins for WordPress websites. So, join the trend and help your business to grow.

Why Your Business Website Needs A Google Reviews Widget