Why you shouldn’t overlook Pinterest as a source of traffic for your business

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media app, a search engine, and a targeted advertising tool. With its multiple functionalities, it is a great tool to promote any business. 

New users flock to Pinterest to research recipes, crafts, and products to help them achieve their dreams. As such, businesses can benefit from adding products on the site, as 200 million users per month use the site for research and vision boards. 

The site also boasts links to articles to use, destinations to visit, and influencers, all of which may make business products more appealing to consumers.

What does Pinterest do?

52 percent of users find things to buy on Pinterest, and 61 percent say they’ve found new brands due to using the platform. With metrics like these, it is no wonder that businesses are jumping on the Pinterest wagon. 

Promoting new products can often be costly for any business, but with Pinterest, the advertising is done through boards that users make. 

In addition, Pinterest is the only social media platform based on image search. This makes searching for products easier for consumers, leading to higher revenue for businesses.

Because Pinterest focuses on lifestyle and taste, people will look all over to pinpoint interesting items to different boards. 

This offers a vast array of opportunities for businesses to market their products to many different people. With two-thirds of the users being women and more than 8 of every 10 mothers in the United States using the platform, Pinterest offers many products to different people.

How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest offers the ability to pin multiple images into one, making the marketing of multiple similar products not only possible but simple.

Individuals with similar interests will follow businesses and pin their pictures. This spreads reach like wildfire and targets the demographics that will be interested in your products. 

Pinterest allows you to include links in every post. This leads to more site traffic on the website for products than other social media platforms. The direct contact with products that Pinterest offers is incredibly high.

In addition, the return on investment (ROI) is higher for Pinterest. Businesses make more money with the time they spend marketing because people are more likely to purchase something they see on Pinterest than on other platforms. 

Why is Pinterest important?

In a study, 85 percent of Pinners place a higher value on images than text. Because Pinterest offers more images and its revolutionary image search, the appeal to search on the site is high for consumers. 

It is also a place to discover trends and what is hot at the moment. Looking at what followers are pinning and following those followers will allow businesses to tailor their products to their intended clientele.

Businesses should aim for a 2:3 aspect ratio on their pictures on Pinterest. This will ensure that their images do not get truncated and the high quality can be preserved. If businesses can adhere to this structure, they will find more clients who will pin their products.

How to use Pinterest

While many new Pinterest users may believe that having many followers is critical to success, it is not as important as most think. 

Boards that only have ten thousand followers can generate more traffic than boards with one hundred thousand followers. It is important to look at your Pinterest’s analytics and find boards with high traffic rather than more followers.

Thinking about what appeals to people on Pinterest is imperative, but making an image marketable to people who are not on Pinterest will really grow a business. To do this, businesses or social media managers need to post relevant pins to attract a core audience. Often, when people Google a term, Pinterest is on the first page for that keyword, optimizing for both Google and Pinterest search is important.

This will lead to more people viewing the site and the products than just the people on Pinterest, potentially reaching millions. It will also help Pinterest provide a “Picked for You” section on user’s profiles. This will lead to similar products by the same brand being promoted to users, helping spread the brand to more people in a shorter amount of time.

The best way to reach more people on the “Picked for You” boards is to create a relevant title board but not too specific. 

For instance, if the business is based on travel, it is important to name the board something simple, like “Travel” or “Travel Tips.” If you name the board something silly, like “Great Adventures of Willy Wonka,” there is a smaller chance that the pins will be viewed in the first place.

Most posts look better if the pictures are vertically oriented. Horizontally-oriented pictures can be more pixelated and have been shown to draw fewer consumers into the business.

It is also important to categorize the boards. This will make pins easier to find and will potentially lead to more people following the business. More people following will reach a higher level of spreading of products and a higher ranking for search.

PinGroupie is a great site to find popular groups on Pinterest; following them will give you ideas on spreading their products. Following and contributing to these communities will ensure a better reach for your products.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, inviting contributors to pin to a board with the business can really help views skyrocket. If the user is already popular, it will help owners reach a higher number of consumers more quickly.

Business owners may think that it will be difficult to see Pinterest’s impact on their business. However, checking Pinterest stats ensures that they can see exactly Pinterest’s effect on the business. 

It will track traffic and help owners better understand how to use Pinterest to the best of their abilities. Make sure you click “Claim” in the left-hand menu to claim the website; this will help business owners track their reach and traffic. This can give owners insight into what is working and what needs to change.

Adding a subtle logo to the bottom of images will also help your brand. This will also help to ensure other users are not stealing your images. It is important to make the logo subtle. If the logo is prominent in the picture, people will be less apt to share or pin it.

Many businesses may overlook Pinterest as a sales tool because it is the fourth most used social media platform; it is nothing to be overlooked. Business owners should not pass the opportunity to use this platform to its full extent, as it has the potential to add to profits and increase brand recognition.

Many businesses may overlook Pinterest as a sales tool because it is the fourth most used social media platform, it still offers a lot. If you view it as a search engine rather than a social media platform, it changes the dynamic of how you should use the platform, don’t pass the opportunity to use this platform to its full extent, as it has the potential to increase profits and brand recognition.


Earpieceonline has used Pinterest to greatly promote its products on the platform; in 2018, 15% of its traffic was from Pinterest.

Why you shouldn’t overlook Pinterest as a source of traffic for your business

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