Why You Should Trust Accountants to Grow A Small Business
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Why You Should Trust Accountants to Grow A Small Business

The skills of a certified tax accountant are many and varied. Beyond accounting and tax activities, its added value lies in its role as an adviser in company law, social law, and business management. He accompanies the company throughout its development. He must master constantly changing rules, techniques, and legislation and ensure his clients’ information continuity and consistency to progress. It, therefore, plays an essential role in the economic life of the company.

If your training has prepared you for what the accounting management of a company should be, know that the practice of all this daily is a real job that, beyond technical skills, requires real experience in the field. And even if you can manage it perfectly, are you sure you want to devote a considerable portion of your precious time to it?

The Different Role & Responsibilities

  • To begin with, your accountant can assist and advise you when setting up your business, draw up your financial plan, assist you in finding financing and subsidies, and help you value a business. In addition, he can help you with tips for growing a small business, thanks to his experience and expertise.
  • Of course, this does not exempt you from carrying out a much more complete reflection, including a market study, the definition of a marketing strategy, R&D policy, and so many other things. But, of course, all this is your job! But rest assured, many organizations, public or private, are willing to support you in this process. In addition, he will help you with different tips on setting up a self-managed super fund that will come in handy for you later.
  • Professional accounting will, of course, assist you in fulfilling all your tax obligations. Still, you can even appoint him to represent you with the authorities, for example, in the context of a VAT audit.
  • He informs you about company law and its applications in the creation, transformation, merger, division of companies.
  • Social obligations are numerous, and failure to respect them often leads to heavy penalties. Social security, mutual insurance, declarations to be made, deductions to be made, contributions to be paid, documents, certificates, and certificates to be issued, affiliations to be insured, deadlines to be respected. The accountant carefully follows the evolution of social law and can therefore provide information and practical advice.
  • How to prepare for the transfer of your business? Recent studies show that the accountant is generally the first confidant of the entrepreneur. And in fact, he will be very well placed to intervene on technical aspects such as the valuation or the assessment of the tax consequences of the operation. In addition, a good accountant will assist you along the way and help you know what your business needs to know about tax audits.

As you will have understood, the role of the number of professionals is not limited to a series of technical acts. He has to warn you if he realizes that such and such an initiative may have harmful consequences for your company and its workers. Ideally, in collaboration with his client, he will take the time to set up “warning lights” to be able, at the slightest deviation, to react without delay to correct the situation.

To conclude,

Remember, the accountant is there to advise you, not make decisions! So if you want to, and we can’t encourage you too much, to stay in control of your own business, it is better to make these concepts your own.

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Why You Should Trust Accountants to Grow A Small Business

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