Why You Should Blog During Your Data Science Journey

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There’re several reasons why you should start blogging during your data science journey. Understandably, data science and blogging are two entirely different things in every manner. However, you could combine the two to get the maximum benefit from both these skills- data science and blogging.

Therefore, in this article, I will be discussing some of the reasons you should blog during your data science journey while describing its benefits briefly. This might encourage you to combine the two skills effectively.

Reasons to Blog during Your Data Science Journey

Before starting, let me assure you that blogging isn’t something esoteric or the proverbial rocket science as some people imagine. Instead, blogging is relatively simple. Almost anyone can become a blogger if they can churn out some superb, interesting, engaging, and relevant articles or content to upload on their personal blog site.

All you require is a superb domain name, website hosting, and some other essential resources. Setting up a fantastic website is fairly inexpensive, and lots of free resources are available to make it a success.

These should be reasons enough to start blogging during your data science journey. But here’re some more compelling reasons too.

Personal Branding in Data Science

Blogging is a superb online resource you can use for self-branding as a data science professional. Nowadays, blogging is one of the best ways to create a personal brand. It allows you to reach audiences across the world and get many followers if your content is relevant and interesting.

Personal branding in data science helps advance your career either for jobs, your own business in data science, or freelancing in the field. People will judge your knowledge from the articles you post on the blogsite. And you can also promote this blog through your Facebook page to increase your following.

Data science is a rare niche. When you start blogging about data science, you’ll find followers connected directly or indirectly to this field. Their comments and suggestions on your blog can provide vital insights and lots of information about data science and its developments in other parts of the world. You can also showcase your skills by responding to your blog site’s questions or the social media page with your blog post links.

Developing a Network of Professionals

Generally, most bloggers post excerpts or a summary or synopsis of their content on LinkedIn. If you’re a LinkedIn user, you’ll be aware of the fact that it’s possible to upload posts on your account. And these posts are seen by all LinkedIn users. This could help you build a good network of data science professionals around the world.

It’s also possible to share and exchange your views and knowledge with these professionals while learning a few useful things from them.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is also a valuable resource for self-branding. Additionally, a good LinkedIn profile with suitable posts and links to your blog can help you land prized jobs at topmost organizations. In fact, LinkedIn accounts for one hire every 10 seconds. A recent study reveals, 122 million people got their interview calls through LinkedIn. Among these, 35.5 million were hired by their LinkedIn connections only.

Promoting your blog through LinkedIn ups your chances of getting a job. A superb LinkedIn profile with posts from your blog can also find you more buyers as a freelancer. And above all, it helps get more connections from the data science field. All these work in your favor to help build a superb career in the field of data science.

Building an Archive of Technology

Every technology evolves over a period. Data science is no exception to this rule. The blogposts you create today will help create an archive of data science technology over a period of years if you continue blogging. And this can help others and you in getting vital insights in technologies and concepts of yesteryears.

This kind of archive is beneficial for everyone interested in the field of data science. Additionally, it will also serve as a track record of your career in data science. Blogging is a superb resource to preserve your own ideas and concepts while mapping data science’s evolution over a span of several years.

Anyone that wants to know about data science could use your blog as a ready reckoner. You’ll be helping countless people around the world through such an archive. And you’ll have created such a library without exerting any extra efforts other than blogging itself.

In Conclusion

Needless to say, blogging is also a superb way to make some extra money on the side. You can use this money to fine-tune your own skills by taking excellent online courses in data science. Blogging also means you’ve to do research. This enables you to gain more knowledge. Blogging also serves to improve your writing skills. Overall, every data science fresher and professional can earn a lot by blogging.

Why You Should Blog During Your Data Science Journey


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