Why You Need Instock Notifier
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Why You Need Instock Notifier

Why You Need Instock Notifier for your eCommerce Business In Prestashop

Instock notifier is an essential Prestashop module used to better customer experience, increase sales, etc. Read this article to know the benefits in-depth. 


If we look into one side, it is fantastic your store is out of stock products. This means customers are interested in your store and demanding more from you. However, on the other side, out-of-stock products increase the bouncing rate and the number of cart abandonment. Therefore, Prestashop instock notifier for eCommerce business is introduced to improve business growth even in out-of-stock products. 

Instock notifier can help you create the sweet balance between excitement and mystery that an out-of-stock product creates and the necessity of allowing buyers to purchase that product from you instead of your rivals. Ultimately, an instock notifier helps in stopping cart abandonment and customer loss. 

Also, it is worth noting that instock notifiers act as inventory management. This not only helps customers to know the product updates but also assists marketers in keeping updated with the demand for products that need to restock immediately. 

Read this ultimate guide to understand better why you should not ignore this.

What Is Instock Notifier?

Prestashop Instock notifier is convenient for users and beneficial for the marketer who is providing them. This reduces cart abandonment and improves the online shopping experience by allowing your customers to opt-in for an instock notifier. This sends emails “the products are restocked” to customers. This typically works as follows-

  • Inform the customers about products when they are back in the store.
  • Help marketers to know the highly demanded products.
  • Send auto and manual notifications.
  • Allows both new and existing users to subscribe to instock notifier
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Despite this, when customers opt-in for an instock notifier, they give you complete and genuine information, which you can use to establish a good relationship with them. So stay on the radar with upcoming products or other deals. 

The Amazing Benefits Of Using Instock Notifier

One of the fantastic benefits of incorporating instock notification on your site is letting your customers know about the out-of-stock products and joining the virtual waiting list. However, there are lots more benefits you can check into.

  1.     Sustain Customer interest

When customers discover out-of-stock products in your store, they are more likely to jump on Google to search for that product from another store, and if they find it- this results in cart abandonment.

However, an instock notifier helps you sustain the customers by emailing them that their desirable products will be back in store within a few days. This builds a positive response towards the audience. Ultimately, it removes the risk of cart abandonment and might lead to further product discovery. 

  1.     Boost Customer Experience

Out-of-stock products don’t give your customers a good experience when shopping. But providing care by sending them to restock product email can help you retain them with your app.

Remember, customers not only check product quality, but they are more likely interested to know how you care for their needs. So ultimately, this short email can keep them in a waiting queue instead of going to another store.

  1.     Provides Customer Insights

Instock notifier is an excellent measure to meet the Customer’s demand. You can quickly figure out which products are out-of-stock, which are in high demand, etc. This eventually helps you come up with a robust marketing plan. 

  1.     Recovers Lost Sales

It is pretty sure when a Customer finds your product out of stock, they are more likely to lose their interest in the store, and you could lose a potential sale. With an in-stock notifier campaign, you grab the Customer’s attention and prevent lost sales. Even it assists you in increasing customer retention by alerting customers regarding in-stock products.

  1.     Creates Excitement

Research proved that, when anticipating a reward, the brain produces more dopamine than when the compensation is received. Therefore, it may be more interesting to subscribe to the notice and wait for the goods to be restocked than to visit your competitor and purchase the identical item.

3 Easy Tips You Can Recover Customers With Instock Notifier

  1. Work On Your Email Content

Well, a back-in-stock email does not include lengthy content. It should be crisp or concise to achieve all four Rs, reengage, return, remind, and recover. However, it requires three most critical factors-

    • Personalization
    • Urgency
    • Call to actions
  1.     Send Relevant Products

Without a doubt, your customers have already checked for identical products on Google, but it doesn’t mean you have lost all hope. You can get back to them with the notifications like-

    • By incorporating details that set you apart from your rivals, you can persuade clients to purchase from you next time. For instance, free shipping, refund policies, or a discount as a “thank you for waiting” gesture.
    • You can cross-sell and up-sell related products by incorporating links to relevant products that can prompt a secondary purchase. If someone subscribed to an alert for a new bicycle, for instance, offer extras like helmets, lights, and gloves that they can purchase even if they already own the bike.
  1.     Send Alerts ASAP

For a better customer experience, sending alerts to your customers ASAP is crucial since you want your customers to shop from your store only. As soon as you inform your users, you can get better reach. You may even decide to give them exclusive offers before leaving you. 

Final Takeaway

We hope you have understood the importance of an instock notifier Prestashop module for eCommerce business. Running out of stock is not an ideal part of your business, but if you then make it a traffic-driven and sales-oriented scheme with an instock notifier. With these tips, you can quickly implement your customer’s recovery campaigns. Good Luck! 

Why You Need Instock Notifier

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