Why Time Management and Assertiveness Skills are a Must for Entrepreneurs

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The number of entrepreneurs has increased with eCommerce growth, primarily because web development has made it easier for people to start online businesses. Now, the challenge for entrepreneurs lies in how they turn this to their advantage.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. Often, people forget to analyze how they do things. It doesn’t have to be about money. What it is about is your productivity and how you treat the people around you.

When it comes to success, two of the most critical factors will be time and assertiveness. Sometimes, people think they’ve worked hard just because a lot of time has been spent on a project. But this doesn’t speak to how efficient they could be. Also, being aggressive in a conversation doesn’t mean you’re always right. It doesn’t make you better than others.

This is where time management comes in. With time management, you set aside a certain amount of time for budgeted sections. This means you’ll be focusing on specific tasks in a certain period. This helps organize and optimize schedules.

That’s not to say that it’s that easy. The problem is, if we’re not paying attention to how our time is managed, we may not even be aware of how poor time management is affecting us. This is due to several factors, and we’ve made a list of reasons it will help you manage your time.

Also, learning to be more assertive can improve the relationships you have with the people around you. It can also help you lower stress and anxiety levels. Assertive communication makes you able to control problematic situations and communicate effectively with any person.

10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need Time Management and Assertiveness

1. Accomplish more with less time

As entrepreneurs, you’ll have an understanding of the phrase, “Time is money.” So each minute that goes by is a minute that could be useful to grow your business.

Think about how you and your team might approach projects. For example, are you sure you’ve been organized with how you do tasks? 

With an improved time management approach, you can be sure that each second you spend on work will be utilized more effectively. In addition, time management will have you working on singular tasks, decreasing the odds of being distracted.

What this means for your business is that each task will be finished earlier and better. Faster task progress means faster goal achievement. This is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an entrepreneur.

You can also use productivity tools to manage your projects well. For example, you can update priorities and have a shared workspace with your colleagues. As many companies as hiring remote workers, using a tool like Microsoft 365 can make tasks easier. But everyone in the team must be equipped with the knowledge on how to use it to maximize the full potential of productivity of the team.

2. Accommodate more clients

With a faster pace, you can expect to have a more open schedule. That’s because your rate of work will be much higher. With more work being done, you can start optimizing the time you spend on work.

A bigger opening in your schedule should allow your business to handle more clients. Time management skills have the extra benefit of allowing you to organize yourself better. 

Look at it this way. Once you have a handle on managing your time, you’ll be able to allocate the necessary time to each client. 

Better organization skills combined with a better understanding of time allotment ensures your business is always productive. That’s the goal.

We’re sure it is. Wasted time is never profitable. Manage your time right, and we can guarantee you’ll be seeing better numbers and greater success.

3. Lower expenses

It’s essential to keep an eye on your expenses. These can come from the rent, utilities, and other overhead costs. With improved time usage, you’ll be getting your money’s worth on every cent you spend. 

Think about it. Let’s say you have an office in San Francisco where the average rent is $3,629. That’s a lot of money.

Now with that in mind, let’s say you only get to finish four projects, 1 per week, with a $1,000 profit. Seems okay, right? But you’re barely making more than your office rent. 

The question this raises is, are you getting the most out of your expenses? It’s an accepted expense, but are you making the most out of the money spent?

Manage your time better, and you’ll see that your expenses will start making more sense.  

4. Study assertive communication techniques

There are a lot of assertive communication techniques that you should try to improve. First, there’s your body language. Your tone of voice, choice of words, the way you structure your sentences, and many other details make all the difference.

For example, always try to maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to. It will help you keep your focus and make the other person feel heard and understood. Also, controlling your voice tone can help you remain calm, making it easier for you to de-escalate any tensions that might occur.

Ensuring that you structure your sentences so that they are as clear as possible is also a good practice. Finally, straightforwardly communicating your point will help you in any situation. If you’re unaware of developing these techniques, you should learn to be assertive by practicing with others or applying for courses where experts can help you.

5. Learn more

Self-development is a much-overlooked concept in entrepreneurship. Sometimes, it seems it can’t be helped since entrepreneurs can be very busy people.

Once you get the ball rolling, things can start moving too fast for you to take the time for personal development or specialized education. With multiple tasks due, the last thing on your mind would be adding something new to your schedule.

This is where time management comes in. The efficient use of time will allow entrepreneurs to allocate time for self-improvement practices. 

As an entrepreneur, a wide set of skills is essential. These skills can help you improve your skillset and add to the business you’ve established.

Think about how you want to expand your skills. Learning more skills will also make you perform faster and more efficiently. For example, let’s say you need to use accounting tools every day for your business. If you’re unaware of using the tools correctly, you’ll take more time with specific tasks you could’ve done easily.

Taking online training for such applications will not only make you well-versed in using them. It will also help you pass on the knowledge to others to your future or current team. 

6. Study Your Thoughts and Learn What Triggers You

What makes you feel stressed? What do you think about when you’re anxious?

When you know your weak spots, you can learn how to avoid them. An entrepreneur needs to be mentally prepared and in control at all times—no matter the situation. Try to actively think about how you’re going to behave in a given situation.

When you know what puts you in a difficult situation, you will gradually learn to rephrase how you talk to yourself. Your internal dialogue will become more positive and empowering. And that will help you change your mindset bit by bit.

7. Better Output Quality

With better use of time comes better outputs. It’s not hard to see why, as you will have more focus directed on each task. More focus on your job helps maintain the quality of your work.

With allotted times for each task, you ensure that you have one thing to focus on each time you work. Need to finish a write-up? Then you better make sure that’s what you’re working on. 

If something unrelated comes up, don’t let it distract you. The only time you’d be allowed to switch tasks is if the new task is more important. 

The point here is for you to keep the task at hand in mind. Distractions are one of the greatest challenges to productivity when working. Plot your timetables well, and you’ll find yourself working better and faster.

8. Avoid burnout

It’s like we said before: entrepreneurship can get tiring. There are so many details to keep in mind and endless tasks to complete.  As an entrepreneur, you can only do so much; remember to take care of yourself.

Keep this in mind. If you become unfit to work, you won’t do your business any good at all. But, on the other hand, developing time management skills will help you keep healthy–mentally and physically.

Manage your time well, and you’ll start seeing better productivity. The result of this productivity? Longer, well-deserved breaks in between tasks will be a nice reward!

A healthy entrepreneur is ready for the tasks at hand. It might not sound too exciting, but it will have one of the biggest impacts on your efficiency and productivity.  

9. Make the most of your opportunities

This one is another easy one to understand. For an entrepreneur, missed opportunities can be very detrimental to your business’s success.  

What can you do with an opportunity that you just can’t fit into your schedule? Of course, the last thing you would want to do is commit to something you won’t be able to complete.

This is where your time management skills will come in handy. Efficient time management will help you ensure a certain level of readiness for each work period. That way, if something big comes up, you’ll know how to make time for it. 

Not only that, but developed time management skills will help you determine the amount of time a particular project might need–helping your scheduling that much more.

You’ll have more realistic time frames for projects. Manage those, and you’ll be seeing more opportunities utilized.

10. Develop self-discipline

Self-discipline is one of the most valuable attributes but also one of the hardest to achieve. 

Working on your time management skills is one of the best ways to build this up. The thing is, you can’t expect yourself to become self-disciplined right away. You have to give yourself time to practice and develop this skill.

Time management skills allow you to do just that. Additionally, they keep you productive, so there’s no wasted time in between. 

The combination of focused tasking and strict time blocking builds on your habits. It has applications that extend beyond entrepreneurship. You’ll find yourself thankful that you put in the time for this one.

Self-discipline is a great asset to have for communication also. It would be best if you learned always to have control over your reactions in any situation. It’s always a good idea to communicate with others like they are your equals.


It’s about forming a positive habit- better communication or time management at the end of the day. You can’t expect yourself to adapt to these practices right away completely. Set a few goals to help you see yourself towards that goal.

Time management skills are a necessity and not just for entrepreneurs. Efficient timekeeping will guarantee better progress.

With entrepreneurship, though, you should be able to see its benefits in your workload and, eventually, your profit. It might take some time, but the effect will be there. 

It helps when you can start right away. How about you try it out with your schedule for tomorrow? Nothing fancy for this one; attempt to plan and predict the time you’ll be spending working. 

The same goes for assertiveness. Again, start with small steps—try to be more aware of how you talk and why you react in specific ways. Soon before you know it, you’ll be able to change one bad habit at a time.

The point is to start as soon as you can. Then, work your way up, and you should be a time management pro in no time. 

Why Time Management and Assertiveness Skills are a Must for Entrepreneurs

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