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Why the Right Product Labeling is Important for eCommerce

The label of a product has a direct impact on its sale and acceptance. In addition to offering detailed information – such as price, quality, quality, ingredients, usage, and features – of a product, a label displays brand message and logo to be easily findable by consumers. It is an important part of a business’ marketing strategy.

Further, product labels enhance the appeal of the product packaging. Giving relevant and correct information about the product on the label is mandatory: selling unlabeled products proposes strict legal actions against the manufacturer, distributor, and retailers in many states and countries.

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Labeling for eCommerce Business

If we dive deeper into the nature of eCommerce industry, the significance of labels approaches undeniable. From supply chain to warehousing, order management and shipping, an eCommerce business needs labels for various purposes. Labels not only help streamline their process but also offer convenience to their customers.

At the same time, the business should also ensure that the label, they are using for handling, storing, or shipping their products are printed correctly.

Check out the following to fathom the benefits of labels and why it is important to use the right and relevant labels for an eCommerce business:

The first thing your customers look at

Example 1:

You are at the supermarket to find some kitchen supplies. Now, would you just pick and throw a product into your shopping cart? No, you wouldn’t. You would first see the price, after making sure that you have reached your favorite brand section. After the price, what other things you will possibly see are the product’s date of manufacturing, date of expiry, and weight.

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This is just you. What about other 7 billion people on the planet? Everyone sees the label the moment they pick a product.

Let’s see things in eCommerce scenario.

So, you purchased a gadget a few days and it has finally arrived at your doorstep. The delivery boy hands you over the package and asks you to provide your sign accepting that you have received your order. Would you keep the package right away without seeing whether it has your name printed on it?  This time also, you would see the label pasted on the packaging as confirmation of receiving your order. Every buyer does that! They look for information on the seller’s product or packaging.

To avoid misplacing their customer’s order, an eCommerce business must make sure that they are using the right custom labels for each order they ship.

Efficient Handling of Products

eCommerce businesses are the perfect example of a supply chain business model. Their network is their backbone. Custom labels are applicable at multiple stages of the supply chain of your business.

With the right labeling, your goods are handled efficiently at each leg. With correct labels, coordination between two entities in your network becomes more convenient and less confusing. It simplifies the trade between two suppliers or companies in your supply chain network.

Labels have become a prerequisite for running a business today. With right labels applied on the packing of your supplies, you know that you are receiving the right items in your warehouse.

For your in-warehouse operations, the correctly printed labels have an importance their own. Freshly received items have different labels and packages ready for shipping have custom printed labels have different (to be specific, they should display the recipient’s name and contact information).

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With barcodes and other unique labels, an eCommerce admin department can easily trace where their packages are and predict the estimated time of delivery. Correctly printed and placed labels allow for tracing the goods through the supply chain network.

It is an added level of customer service for an eCommerce business.

Enhanced security of goods

For customers as well as for eCommerce businesses, the biggest threat is the safety of their products. With right labels on a product, you, your customers, or anyone can straightforwardly check and gain knowledge about the product’s manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and shipping company.

The supplier picks a product from the manufacturer’s unit; supplies it to the warehouse of the eCommerce business; from where the end user buys the product. After receiving the order from the customer, eCommerce business prepares the package, calls on their logistics partner, and books the shipment to be delivered to the customer’s address. At each stage, there is a grand role of customized labels.

You can trace the location and check for the condition of your goods with the help of information present on the label and use the Internet.


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Easy time management

Right labels definitely save yours, your customers and your suppliers’ time a great deal. Just imagine, without having the correct information about the recipient on the packaging, the postal service will not be able to deliver your product.

Same goes for your suppliers. Your suppliers will not be able to find your warehouse due to the absence of a correctly printed label disclosing your contact person’s name, address, and phone number.

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In both the scenarios, the delivery service and your supplier will be wasting their time and efforts finding the recipient and the packaging which has to be delivered.

To end with, right labeling is very important for each stage of an eCommerce business process. Your supplier, your carrier, and your consumer – everyone benefits from labels. It allows you to leave a remarkable impression on your consumers, besides streamlining, securing and accelerating your process. Here are some of the dos and don’ts for using and creating product labels. So, mark your packages correctly with carefully and custom printed labels for each stage of your process.

I want to hear from you. If you have got another cool idea or you think I have missed an important point, drop it in the comments section below.

Why the Right Product Labeling is Important for eCommerce


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