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Why sign up for project management training?

Several years ago, while traveling for work, there was an airport workers’ strike in Berlin. Consequently, you had to use a train for medium hauls and travel to Hamburg or other airports to travel internationally. At that time, we traveled a lot between Berlin and several other cities in Europe. And since we had never experienced this situation before, the event caught us by surprise, and we had to be very resourceful. After the fact, however, an airport workers’ strike became a “known uncertainty” and, therefore, a risk, which we would identify within future projects. This risk was identified, qualified, quantified, and addressed based on potential triggers, such as news that the airport workers’ were renegotiating their collective bargaining agreements. And, if the event seemed likely to occur, we made plans to travel earlier than expected by train and travel to another airport and then take off from there.

Why sign up for project management training?
Why sign up for project management training?

The recent years, the pandemic has allowed us to now consider a potential future pandemic as a possible risk, which, depending on the circumstances, we need to identify on any given project moving forward, including the risk triggers and how we can respond to these kinds of threats to our project work. In other words, even though we knew about the Spanish flu over a century ago, a pandemic was an “unknown,” which is now a “known unknown.” Therefore, we will need to identify a pandemic or similar crisis as a potential risk for specific projects, if not most of them. This task will allow us to be better prepared and minimize the risk impact. In other words, we need to perform effective and efficient risk management practices, which are part of a productive project and program management.

Project management, as well as all its various ancillary, subordinate components, such as risk, quality, scope, and so on, are crucial in achieving success in our personal and professional projects, which is why project management training is so important and what we excel in at PM Workshops. The skills and knowledge acquired in a project management workshop will guide you and help you achieve your goals. And this is especially crucial at this time since we are still experiencing the aftershocks of the pandemic and will continue to do so for a few more years. Therefore, project management is key in navigating through the various uncertainties, also known as risks, and their impact on the work (scope), costs (budget), and timeline (schedule) regarding our current future projects, such as buying a home, starting a new career, managing a large construction project, and so on.

At PM Workshops, we cover all the parts of a project and provide specific training in key elements of a project, such as procurement, change control, scope, quality, and resources. And never in our history has project management been as essential as it is now as we rebuild our businesses and communities and plan for future and current crises. Therefore, feel free to contact PM Workshops for a free initial consultation on how we can help you achieve your project success goals.

Why sign up for project management training?

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