Why Should eCommerce Platforms be Concerned About Digital Shelf Optimization?

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Why Should eCommerce Platforms be Concerned About Digital Shelf Optimization?

Over the last few years, consumers have utilized digital platforms to get whatever they need. Be it online shopping, booking movie tickets, or availing services, there is nothing that they can’t do with their mobile phone devices using digital platforms and applications. 

E-commerce platforms have seen a drastic growth in their sales because consumers have entirely moved to them to buy whatever products they need. Therefore, it is high time that companies think about digital shelf optimization. Have you heard this term before? Or are you new to this word called ‘digital shelf’? 

In this post, you’ll be getting a quick brief about what a digital shelf is and how it impacts your business. So, if you want to learn and grow, scroll down and continue reading. 

What is a digital shelf?

Remember when you used to walk into a physical store and buy products arranged on shelves? The product arrangement made it simpler for you to choose your desired product and move on to the next product. 

Similarly, now that things have moved to digital platforms, brands need to focus on product arrangement so that consumers can quickly find what they need and proceed to checkout. Digital shelf related to assembling products in categories to make them look organized on third-party platforms such as an e-commerce website. 

For example, if a customer needs to buy a mobile phone, they should find it in the electronics and mobile phones category. Digital shelves can be based on product category, featured products, best sellers, and budget. 

What is the significance of digital shelves?

Digital shelves assist brands in improving their product visibility and performance. It acts as a bridge to start communication between a brand and a consumer. The digital shelf performance of a brand/product will determine its sales, revenue, and success. 

Almost 60% of the consumers use mobile applications to find and buy products. When the products are arranged on a digital shelf, it takes no time for the consumer to choose and complete the billing. A digital shelf increases sales and helps generate more revenue. 

How does digital shelf optimization work?

The rising competition in e-commerce platforms makes optimizing digital shelves challenging for a brand. The true meaning of optimizing a digital shelf is to be in the top product list in the category your product has been listed. 

For example, the top ten mobile phones listed under the mobile phone category are considered the best products available. Therefore, you need to be on the first and second search pages on an e-commerce platform to boost your sales as a brand. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  1. Work on increasing your product visibility. You can do this by utilizing SEO keywords in your product descriptions, and it will help you improve your rank in product listings. 
  2. Focus on Price Pack Architecture to overcome the digital shelf challenges. Consumers in digital stores try to save more by offering reasonable prices on bigger packaging. Carefully observe your consumer behavior and work on it accordingly. 
  3. Try and maximize customer reviews on your products. The product with more reviews gets the opportunity to be in the top products on a digital shelf. 

So, these are some essential tips on how to get your space on a digital shelf. Make sure you choose the right team of experts to help you overcome this challenge and make a space in the digital world. 

Why Should eCommerce Platforms be Concerned About Digital Shelf Optimization?

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