Why Should eCommerce Companies Focus More on Content Marketing

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DO NOT READ THIS POST! After reading the prior statement if you are still scrolling the page, then many congratulations to me as I have successfully made you land on this post. Probably, by now you must have understood the importance of ‘Content’ for promotion.

Content marketing, in general terms, is the promotion of a brand or business through content (blogs, videos, public posts) without explicitly promoting the services that develop interest among the masses about the brand.

Content marketing has created quite a stir in the marketing field as a whole and in the e-commerce industry in particular.

Let’s understand it this way- Suppose you open an e-commerce website (Amazon, e-bay, Walmart, etc.) and find the content missing, would you ever buy any of the products from the website? No, right? Content is a medium that gives customers a reason to pay a visit to your website. Well, that’s not all there are other benefits as well that comes handy with an ‘eye-catching’ content due to which E-Commerce companies should focus more on content writing. Keep reading to know more.

How Content Writing Can Make an E-Commerce, a Million-Dollar Business?

  1. Have A Brand? Promote It: FREE!FREE!FREE! Now, since these words have grabbed your attention, let us discuss a striking advantage of using content marketing, viz., brand promotion. PR releases, advertising through hoardings, etc. can easily leave a hole in your pocket and that is where content can prove to be your life savior. Through informative content, you can easily aware of the customers about your services and tell them why your services are better than the other competitors. It is similar to killing two birds with a single stone as, on one hand, you have promoted your brand in a cost-effective way while on the other hand, you have also brought enough traffic to your websites that can increase your customer base. An intelligent move, right?
  1. There’s Is Only One Boss & That’s Your Customer: Marketing through content is a good approach for building strong customer relationships. Interesting promotional videos and social media posts related to the day-to-day life will help the clients to connect with your brand better. Below are different categories of posts that can help you create an unbreakable bond with your customers:
  • Interactive Post: Showing the work culture of your company, a Q&A session with the audience, memes, etc., are sure to increase your interaction with the customers.
  • Promotional Post: You can wish to inform the crowd about the festive discounts or the off-seasonal sales through the posts.
  • Informative Post: Through blogs and FAQ’s, an e-commerce website can also be a medium of information gathering for trusted clients.

Moreover, share the content on all social media platforms to increase customer outreach.

  1. Content Marketing Fuels Lead Generation: Content is the strongest pillar on which you can lay down the foundation stone of lead generation. Content marketing increases the visibility of the e-commerce website to the potential customers that are interested in buying the services. Conversion of leads into revenues is the prime motive of every business and guess what? Content marketing can help you with the same.

Furthermore, the customers first refer to the content of a website before availing the services, therefore make sure that your content meets the expectations of the customers.

Happy Lead Generation!

  1. Marketing Strategy Is King, Content Is the Queen: Name any marketing strategy and you will find that the same is incomplete without the content. For instance, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an efficient technique that can increase the visibility of your website and improve the Google ranking of your website. But to implement this strategy, content is the essential component required. Without content, there would be no keyword placement, no backlinks, and nothing. However, an awesome piece of writing will make your web page appear on the top Google searches.
  2. Makes You the Master of Your Field: Content has great power to establish you as an e-commerce giant in the industry. By delivering informative information through content marketing, you can easily demonstrate your expertise to the customers. For example, if you are selling phones on an e-commerce website, then you can wish to draft content on the topic ‘Android Vs iOS’ or if you deal with the clothing industry, then you can list some of the best summer/winter outfits in the blogs. This will establish a strong position for your brand in the e-commerce industry.

Scrolling so far, you must have known the importance of content marketing for e-commerce websites. “How to write the best-quality content?” is a question that would have sure come in your mind. If yes, then here are the tips to write e-commerce oriented content.

3 Tips to Write Best Quality Content for E-Commerce Website

  1. Know the Target Audience: Content writing task should always be done by keeping in mind the audience that you wish to target. For instance, for the teenage crowd, you can use day-to-day life slangs along with some informal phrases like- Wassup, Everybody!, Hello!, Buddy, etc. However, when dealing with the normal masses, make sure to keep the language formal.
  2. Make Your Content Attractive: With millions of pages available on the Internet, the fact that a person will land on your page has a 0% probability. Thus, make sure that your content is appealing, eye-catching, and seeks the attention of your targeted audience (Just like the one you are reading!).
  3. Simplicity Is the Key, My Friend: If you are planning to use difficult English words in the content just to attract the Grammar Nazis, then you are at loss. The key attributes of a strong content are that it is easily readable and should convey your message effectively. Thus, use simple language that reaches to the larger masses.

These were some pieces of advice that I feel will help a firm to become the next giant of the e-commerce industry.

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Why Should eCommerce Companies Focus More on Content Marketing

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