Why Sentiment Analysis on Product Review is Good for SEO

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Comprehending the search intent of users is incredibly beneficial to businesses. They can use it as a secret of making their SEO scale from just okay to excellent. A good SEO score will boost the SERPs rankings as well. A majority of the time, even when your content is fantastic, it won’t rank for the target keywords. It is because most of the time, the search intent and keywords don’t match.  

Today, we will discuss the significance of understanding why consumers search for specific keywords and how businesses can build their products according to user intent for the sake of marketing.  

Sentiment analysis is the process of inspecting user input and identifying subjective opinions of consumers that already prevail. It helps to detect a user’s attitude, whether it is negative, positive, or neutral. More and more tools and algorithms attempt to comprehend the meaning behind a customer’s feedback rather than just plainly reading through it. Sentiment Analysis is the next big thing in SEO, and hence it’s high time for businesses to get ready for it.  

With Sentiment Analysis, you can also detect modifications on the user’s overall opinion towards your brand. It is beneficial as it furnishes insights into the way a customer feels when they approach your brand. Businesses achieve Sentiment Analysis using Product review data.​ Simultaneously, customer feedback is crucial as it points out your products’ facets that need enhancement. Listening to consumer feedback makes businesses feel privileged and involved. When they think that they are heard, they start having optimistic connotations and direct it into marketing their products.  

The Importance of User Intent 

Neil Patel said, “Search Intent is simply the goal that a user has in mind when typing a search query on Google.” Hence, if you want your potential consumers to discover your business, you must optimize your content as per user intent. Search engines are nowadays comprehending what the intent of a user is. Sentiment analysis of customer products plays an integral in it. Hence, it displays those web pages in SERPs that are most relevant to what a user is looking for. It significantly enhances the chances for a business to rank. Also, you should create content to keep your users in mind.  

To find the right search intent your user has, you can look at distinct search queries that people use. Taking a walk in your consumer’s shoes before creating content will be beneficial. When a business can find out consumers’ intent, they can deliver products and services that meet their requirements. As a result, you get more and better traffic. It is high time businesses should identify the queries users have to attract their potential consumers.  

There is a specific intent behind every query, and hence, businesses should understand its intent. It helps them cater to their consumers with what they need. There are different kinds of meaning that a user goes through in their user journey, namely, Informational Intent, Navigational Intent, and Transactional Intent. The whole idea is that a user performs an internet search when they are looking for something. Every search has a specific intent, and hence, your offering should meet its purpose.  

Build Your Products According to User Intent for Both 

Marketing and Products Sake 

Regardless of the industry you operate in or what products and services you offer, consumers are the most significant business element. You can’t grow and earn revenue without them. Hence, it is highly crucial to consider them while building marketing strategies and products. Carry out a sentiment analysis on product reviews. Customers are nowadays empowered, and they demand a friction-free, fast experience. Businesses can respond to their real-time needs best by comprehending their preferences and what they are looking for.  

Businesses that display consumers what is highly relevant to their needs are offering consumers what they look for. Hence, they are successfully experiencing a double-digit increase in their conversions and sales. With Intent marketing, marketers are furnished with more relevant and targeted marketing strategies. Building marketing strategies and products as per user intent is highly beneficial for businesses since they feel valued and get what they are looking for. 

The intent is powerful. The presumption behind customer feedback is that it helps businesses comprehend what is valuable for consumers. This way, they ensure that they are building the right product to generate leads and revenue. The first and foremost thing is to identify the right set of consumers for the product that you are building. The second step includes motivating them to attend feedback sessions. The third encompasses capturing consumer feedback and implementing highly significant ones. This way, businesses can develop the right products to generate increased sales and enjoy consumer success.  


Keeping leads and consumers engaged is one of the most significant challenges faced by businesses. Businesses can comprehend the emotions behind sentiment analysis of customer product reviews using machine learning to identify that individuals are dissatisfied and need to work on them. It allows an enterprise to modify its strategies and ensure a happier and long-lasting relationship with its consumers. 

Efrat-VulfsonsEfrat Vulfsons is the Co-Founder of PR Soprano, a chief editor at CXBuzz.com, and a data-driven marketing enthusiast, parallel to her soprano opera singing career. Efrat holds a B.F.A from the Jerusalem Music Academy in Opera Performance.

Why Sentiment Analysis on Product Review is Good for SEO

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