Why Packaging Boxes are the Biggest Headache for Brands

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“The first impression is the last impression,” truly said! When we talk about any product, what is its first impression? Of course, it’s the packaging! If the customer is not satisfied with its packaging quality, he loses interest in the product up to a huge extent. On the flip side, packaging can really make a big difference; let it be for corporate products or just some mid-sized desert brand asking for quality packaging in some custom cupcake boxes.

One of the major differences between locally manufactured products and branded products is their packaging. Although prices of branded products are far greater even then people prefer to purchase these products just because they are reliable, have authentic and attractive packaging, have the brand identity, and symbolize the product quality.

Anyways, packaging boxes are the biggest headache for brands in 2020, and in this post, we will go through the basic issues being faced by brands in this regard.

The presentation and packaging is everything:

Do you want to make your new product successful? Do you want to earn more profit, and do you want to increase the number of customers? Well, every Businessman has this desire. Who hates money! Everyone is working hard to earn a greater and greater profit.

Of course, you will have put a lot of effort, investment, and hope into launching a product. However, if you have not paid attention to your product’s packaging boxes, there are just 5% chances for your product’s success.

Customers don’t have time to try all the available products out there and find their advantages and disadvantages. Mainly, they perceive the quality of the product through the quality of its packaging boxes.

Actually, the packaging is the product’s identity as it tells customers what your brand and product are about and how it is different from its competitors.

It is up to you how you beautify your products’ packaging boxes to attract more customers.

Why Packaging Boxes are the Biggest Headache for Brands:

When we talked about the packaging boxes in 2020, we find that brands face many issues. Here are some of the common issues being faced by them:

1.     Environmental Issues regarding packaging:

The environmental protection agency has given some solid instructions regarding packaging to the product manufacturers because it will reduce the environmental impact and be economical.

They are supposed to make use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Keeping in mind the limitations of the EPA, brands have to pay attention to packaging boxes.

So it is a headache for the brands to balance the quality, reliability, attraction, and other features of packaging and make it environment friendly.

2.     Competition among Brands

More and more brands are entering the market. For every product out there, there is a lot of alternatives.

To survive in this tough competition and stand among others, companies are putting their best efforts into designing products and designing packaging boxes.

As a result of this tough competition, the brand has a minimum margin to add more packaging boxes. All the brands are already providing the best possible packaging quality to their customers.

3.     E-commerce and packaging

This is the age of the Internet, and there is a trend of e-commerce and online shopping. People don’t have enough time to visit markets, and hence they sit in the rooms comfortably, browse the internet, find their favorite products, and place an order.

When it comes to the problem of brand regarding packaging boxes, they have to design wisely. If brands choose to have packaging material, then it will increase transportation and shipment costs. On one side, they will be bearing the cost of heavy packaging, and on the other side, they will be here more shipment cost.

Hence it is a loss to the brand. However, if they use low-quality packaging, then customers will not be satisfied. Hence, it is really an issue for the brands to balance packaging boxes’ quality and customer satisfaction.

Tips to attract customers through packaging boxes:

If you are thinking about designing packaging boxes for your product, then the first thing you should focus on is your customers’ comfort.

The boxes should be easy to open. Customers don’t want to waste a lot of time unboxing the product. Secondly, packaging should not be overloaded with brand information. The communication on the packaging is all about advertising.

If you add a lot of information, then people won’t prefer to read it, and they won’t be able to find the information of their interest immediately. Hence it can reduce the number of sales. The tip for you is to keep the information on packaging boxes precise and to the point.

Another important thing is that you can add any emotional message on the packaging to attract customers. For example, Coca-Cola had once added a message for its customers that “open a coke, open happiness.” Such an emotional message works like a charm for people’s senses, and they are induced to try it.


When designing your product, you should also pay attention to designing packaging boxes side by side. Packaging boxes can make your product successful, or even they can make your product fail. 95% of the customers choose the product according to its packaging.

The packaging of the product should be meaningful. It should serve as an identity of the inside product. It should be easy to open; it should clearly show the brand’s information. It should have the product price, and it should be reliable and solid.

These days, brands have been facing many issues regarding the packaging boxes of their products. Anyways, where there is a problem, there are many solutions as well. It all depends on the brands, how they deal with these issues, and how they stand, among others.

Why Packaging Boxes are the Biggest Headache for Brands

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