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Why Online Shoppers Use eCommerce Apps

The mobile applications have been in hyper-evolving mode since the dark age of the first smartphone. The growth of apps from the category of entertainment to productivity happened like a caterpillar to a butterfly and soon the users were chasing these apps like children in the park! The count of early adopters have kept on increasing and it is expected that by 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45 percent of the aggregate eCommerce, measuring up to $284 billion in sales according to BI Intelligence reports.

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Consumers have built a strong likeliness for online shopping due to various reasons that fall into the category of convenience, deals and discounts, offline push notifications, ease of selection, free shipping and offshore products availability. What are the exact reasons for this overwhelming hike of engaging users being experienced as well as being expected in online shopping via mobile devices? What are the exact psychographics of the consumers towards various parameters of online buying?

Apparently, the major magnetic forces that pull the consumer into online shopping fiesta are:

  • Omnichannel presence for 24 hours a day giving the beloved users the privilege to buy stuff anytime, anywhere.
  • The private space to compare prices across different enterprises selling the same commodities without having to go to the physical stores.
  • The exclusive online sales and cheaper prices due to the elimination of various contractors and vendors in the selling chain.

Other than the above-mentioned factors, saving time, avoiding crowds and checkout lines, access to greater variety for selection and products not available in one’s own country is the accompanying advantages of online shopping.

The one great news discovered from a survey was that 54.5% of online shoppers prefer using eCommerce apps for shopping. This unmistakably demonstrates the significant necessity of making customized online stores available to purchasers for businesses; keeping in mind the end goal to expand their ROI and general benefits.

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The three compelling reasons for online shoppers to shop on eCommerce apps according to top eCommerce development companies are mentioned below:

Flexibility in surfing

Users are used to apps. Their brains are accustomed to some usual designs like the bottom menu, top menu, list menu, grid menu and the likes. The icons like the list, home, profile, notifications bell etc. are already blended into the connection between their minds and fingers. Thus, it is not supposed to be disturbed. And if you do, make sure you offer something simpler as a replacement.

It is not surprising that the users love their favorite shopping sites reframed into a smaller app. The logic is quite simple. If you give the whole world of online shopping right in their palms, people love it even more, and why would they not? Then, the one thing that needs to be taken care of is smooth user experience to keep them engaged.

A charming user-experience can be provided with the most simplified designs that make wise use of every corner and edge available in a mobile screen. It can be explained with common examples of Facebook, Instagram, Netflix that utilize top, bottom, list menu styles respectively.

Why Online Shoppers Use eCommerce Apps


As per the online shoppers’ opinion, buying through e-commerce apps is even more skimping than web shopping. The advanced sign-up feature that allows the creation of an account through social profiles without demanding details has been commendable for users in saving time and energy to obtain an authentic pathway into the eCommerce apps. Secondly, the guest checkout option that actually gives the privilege to the guest shoppers to shop without even making a profile has been a savage move to create a higher rate of successful purchases.

Apart from these factors, the highlights like sort & filter, global search & categorization of products add to the value of time-saving factor. These time-saving parameters are also available for web-version, but utilizing the app beats the additional steps of opening the browser, typing the website or product name, glancing through the resulting links and then finally selecting the most related ones. Although, when you enter an eCommerce app, the whole virtual mall is right there waiting for you to order what you would like to shop, anytime and anywhere.

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Special Deals & Discounts

If ‘flexibility in surfing’ is the sun of eCommerce universe and the ‘time-saving’ factor is the moon of it, then ‘special deals & offers’ are like the stars that make this universe shine brighter in the eyes of your treasured shoppers. The most tempting reason for shoppers to open various eCommerce apps are the exclusive deals offered, the rewards earned in the form of e-cash, the gold points for quantitative purchases, the hunger for cashbacks, the personalized coupon codes and what not. In fact, a majority of the shopaholics consent to receiving extra frugal deals while shopping on eCommerce apps.

Humans love to rave about the purchases made from extra-ordinary deals or prices. The report of Koupon Media that specializes in mobile coupons shows that there has been 24% increase in the sales due to personalized coupons since 2016. The company has also highlighted in its latest report that the changing retail landscape and shifting consumer shopping patterns are paving the way for the rise of mobile offers in the $233b convenience store industry.

Hence, the future of online shopping through apps, especially start-ups depends greatly on the customized offers. The shoppers will never stop comparing the prices and would never want to let go of amazing deals. Thus, making sure that your eCommerce app showcases gorgeous discounts matters!


Surfing with convenience and enjoying exclusive deals in a shorter span of time is undoubtedly the ultimate highs of eCommerce apps. But, the consumers are always hungry for something new that has not been experienced before and hence, eCommerce has now entered into the world of augmented reality, also known as virtual reality to function as V-Commerce. This allows shoppers to try the products virtually giving them a reality check of the post-purchase encounter.

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There’s another vogue of voice shopping just around the corner that is expected to boom in the near future, where users will be able to make immense use of voice recognition tech in their smartphones for online shopping. And then there’s social shopping! Businesses are making intelligent use of demographics and psychographics displayed through the individual ads tool in social media platforms to narrow down their target audience. This enables them to market their products to the right kind of people who are more likely to convert. And thus, social media users get the convenience of viewing and buying products right from their ‘news feed’. This simple tactic has given birth to a new era in eCommerce called conversational commerce.

Upgrades will continue to happen and awestruck the shoppers with furthermore modifications in the eCommerce tech. Meanwhile, do write your views and suggestions about this blog. Do let us know in what other ways are eCommerce apps better than the web versions in routine usage.


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Why Online Shoppers Use eCommerce Apps


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