Why No One Cares About Your Brand Values

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Why No One Cares About Your Brand Values

The success of any business will hinge on its branding. Getting noticed by the right people is vital as it can help to increase conversions and boost profits. Therefore, the success will be based on the brand’s value, but what do consumers think about brand values, and do they mean anything to them?

Why No One Cares About Your Brand Values

Consumers will be well aware of all those brands promise them. On their websites, social media, or company banners like Ultimatebanners, they claim that they put consumers first and that everything they do is for them. They are promises, but often similar to all other brands’ promises. Are these values meaningless to consumers?

Benefits Get Things Going

No One Cares About Your Brand Values
No One Cares About Your Brand Values


One great example of giving consumers power comes from Steve Jobs at Apple. He claimed that “Marketing is about Values,” but he also stated that it was important that Apple understood what consumers wanted to know. Therefore, they need to focus more on this and not the speed that their products offer.

Steve Jobs was a genius, instantly knowing that Apple’s core value should not underpin the brand. Therefore, he wanted to give consumers the power to believe that they were the ones that inspired change. He understood that Apple was leading in the digital world but was also aware that consumers wanted to be there with them. So, consumers were buying Apple products based on how they made them feel part of the bigger picture.

As far as branding is concerned, brands can shout about their values, but consumers are not listening because they are not interested. What they are more interested in is how they can make their lives better through the use of products or services.

So, brands can spend millions on values when all it boils down to is understanding what consumers are looking for and how they can give them what they want.

Emotion Drives Success

When purchasing, emotions play a huge role in the process. We live in an era where consumers want to feel good. They want the latest gadgets because they give them credibility and make them feel satisfied with their decisions. This is where brands need to shift their focus. People have to feel a certain way, and by purchasing something, they can alter all of that instantly.

Marketing strategies must be altered as it is no longer about offering the best brand values. Consumers can see through these values and no longer believe in them because they are the same as everyone else. Therefore, brands must identify their target audience and determine what they value and how that ties in with their emotions. All brands need to do is show consumers how to provide a solution, then success will follow.

Brand Values Don t Cut It Alone.

Brand values are good but no longer drive consumers to make decisions. Now brands have to understand what consumers want based on their emotions, insecurities, aspirations desires. Therefore, the solution that they offer has to sit right with consumers. The aim should be to enhance their lives and add value that way.

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