Why Micro-Niche eCommerce Websites Perform Well With SEO/Search Engines

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When it comes to e-commerce, the competition for high-rankings on search engines is extremely high. For an e-commerce website that caters to a wide audience, it could be a daunting challenge to outshine other websites. On the other hand, a micro-niche eCommerce website has a far better chance of performing well with SEO/Search Engines. But why? Let’s find out.


Now, why do Micro Niche e-commerce websites perform better? The answer is simple. If you try to be Jack of All Trades, you would end up being Master of None. Unless you have a budget as huge as Amazon. By focusing your limited resources and time on a micro-niche, you could give your e-commerce website a real chance of performing better and even outranking major players in the industry.

If you are reading this, you probably already have a basic understanding of how SEO works and why it is important. In case, you don’t – SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process through which a website is made more visible across search engines. The increase in visibility is attained by ranking the website higher on Search Engine Results. But how that help micro-niche e-commerce websites? With a more focused SEO strategy targeted a small niche of keywords, a micro-niche e-commerce website is able to perform well with Search Engines.


When it comes to micro-niche e-commerce websites, their target audience generally consists of people who would prefer a specialized e-store than a generic major store that sells everything. For instance, the target audience for customized scented candles would prefer opting for a micro-niche e-commerce store that exclusively sells customized candles over, let’s say, Amazon. In other words, most of the time the target audience for micro-niche e-commerce websites prefers exclusivity. Google, amongst other top search engines, tend to show people results according to their search history. That’s not all. By focusing on niche keywords with low competition, micro-niche e-commerce websites are able to fare well across search engine results.

A common example of a micro-niche e-commerce website would be a private label skincare product store. As mentioned earlier, it is nearly impossible to compete with a major e-commerce store that sells everything. But with a nice micro niche like private label skincare products, your e-commerce website can easily rank higher on Google search engine. Why is that so? We’ll talk about that in the next section.

Low Competition, High Rankings.

There are only a handful of spots on Google’s first result page. The higher the competition is for getting those spots, the more difficult it is for your SEO efforts to succeed. That’s where micro-niche e-commerce websites have a clear advantage. By focusing on a small niche with little or less competition, you can focus your energies on taking over all the competition there is and rise through Search Engine results rapidly.

In most cases, the reason why micro-niche e-commerce websites perform well with search engines is the dearth of competition. By selecting areas where there are fewer or almost no other websites competing on similar keywords, micro-niche websites are able to jump up search engines and garner a greater volume of their intended target audience.

Although, that’s not always the case. In the contemporary business landscape, every niche has considerable competition from both big and small businesses. Overcoming competition requires focus and effort. And, as mentioned earlier, that is another area where micro-niche e-commerce websites have an edge. By focusing their SEO efforts and energies on ranking higher on a few keywords, they have a better chance of performing well with search engines.

Final Word

So, in short, the micro-niche e-commerce website performs well with search engines as they have a more focused approach towards their SEO along with low competition. Furthermore, by choosing a micro-niche, these e-commerce stores attract a very specific type of audience which helps them climb up search engine results quite easily.

In other words, unlike most e-commerce websites that spread themselves thin by competing with far too many websites on way too many keywords, micro-niche e-commerce websites are able to succeed by focusing a few select keywords. To put it in another way, micro-niche websites choose their SEO battles wisely – thus allowing them to perform well with search engines and rank higher on their desired keywords quite easily as compared to other websites fighting with well-established industry giants.

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Why Micro-Niche eCommerce Websites Perform Well With SEO/Search Engines

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