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Every time anyone searches for the best e-commerce platform for their own business initiatives or for other intents, Magento is dubbed as the best, a standout amongst all the other platforms available. And frankly speaking, with PHP coding and open source availability, it is easily understandable why. However, there are reasons which make this argument much more approving, tipping all the cynics and confused minds towards its favor.

With its robust feature and multiple e-commerce services, any developer or an e-commerce specialist would hire Magento developer to conduct operations for better profit and efficiency. The reasons are:

Introducing key features for e-commerce

Magento will always be known for introducing some of the most default yet important e-commerce feature and plugins. Unlike other platforms which usually restrict on endorsing and adopting a single or few, Magento introduced most of the plugins and support features needed, which makes it an all-rounder. It is ideally suited for small, medium or large corporations rallying for multi-faceted commerce growth. Product bundling, customer interface, multiple inventories, third-party software integration etc. are few to mention.

Smooth Returns without gaps

As and as a business starts to gain momentum and there is a shift of scale along with the size of it (big, small, medium), significant alterations in the business platform is needed as well. A convenient, simple open sourced e-commerce platform is okay for an upcoming small-scale corporation. However, with time and competition, convenience needs to be substituted with more efficient, resourceful and support.

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With this uncomfortable gap where the return of investments can be at risk, Magento standouts to be a reliable enterprise platform, with a probable profit margin and investments ensured in your online business. It ensures return and safety with its efficiency and affordability.

Worth the expenditure

Magento is an open source freeware but for its full operation and premium version, a little expense is expected. It can be a bit pricey compared to others but with its features, constant upgradations, repair management etc. it is worth it.  Other platforms fail to deliver those kinds of expectations an e-commerce service provider should expect. Magento also provides training as well as business customizations and open freeware support. This just shows the value for money invested in it that belittles every other platform.

Smart Moves

Since the beginning, only Magneto challenged the conventions and laid out an affordable pricing system. This was revolutionary in terms, that it was deemed too stupid to be true to survive in such a competitive market. Premium pricing was muddling the market at that time.

What Magneto managed to do was introduce a concept of price per servers that greatly increased the affordability for small enterprises. And that smart move and subsequent planning established its domination. With hosting requirements there was a subsequent increase in licensing. It was mandated such that affordability went hand in hand with pricing, and it was a win-win situation for both the Magento and the companies as well.

Community Relations

If you are using Magento, which you should be, for your business, the likelihood of being included in a community is immense and quite a gratifying experience as well. This community is a tight-knit bundle of designers, business specialist, everyone involved in this platform one way or other. This is important when it comes to establishing and expanding relations and communications when forums and discussions encourage an open exchange of ideas and opinions. All of this in exchange for customer loyalty which is quite rewarding as well.

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Technical Assistance

Even close competitors of Magento are reported to fall behind when it comes to customer service and assistance. Magento technical assistance is prompt, able-bodied, and provides an end to end maintenance. Any issues, be it a server overload, error messaging, security implementation etc., is countered by a skilled task force, and you can focus on driving sales at the same time.

Content Presentation

Magneto is remarkably forward in understanding the frail nature and importance of content staging that can drive sales. With its content staging feature which allows previewing, featuring and launching contents into web interface with custom updates which can be temporary and permanent. This can be done for multiple future instances and is very rewarding for business ventures using this platform.

In conclusion, it is quite advantageous to consider shifting your online business venture to a platform as fantastic as Magento is. To hire Magento developer is surely a giant leap into the greatness of e-commerce with profit and performance guaranteed.

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Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on  Magento web development services and Game Design Development etc.

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