Why Magento is Better Than Other eCommerce Platforms

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Why Magento is Better Than Other eCommerce Platforms

Are you planning to set up an eCommerce store? There are several options in eCommerce platforms, and you got to choose the best one. When starting an online store, you may not know about the eCommerce platform that will give the best value. Magento is an amazing eCommerce development platform that helps in creating highly-interactive and beautiful online stores. The easiest of all eCommerce platforms, Magento, allows a store owner to improve and modify the code, make database queries as efficient as possible, and also allows him to add potential features concerning the changing needs. There are various reasons for choosing a Magento development company above others. It constantly evolves to suit the needs of the store owners.

Why Magento is Better Than Other eCommerce Platforms

Here are the reasons why you should choose the Magento eCommerce platform rather than OpenCart, Shopify, and WordPress:

  • Magento is an open-source platform: As it is an open-source platform, it is easy for the site owner to modify the content marketing system. If there is any feature or functionality that the default Magento lacks, the user can suggest that functionality. The Magento community is dynamic and ever-growing. The store owner can learn about the various functionalities through the Magento community, which adds several functionalities by default. Unlike Shopify and WordPress, Magento allows you to control how you deliver customer experience. Find the best Magento development company to build your website.
  • Magento Extension Marketplace is another perk: You may not be aware that Magento has Magento Connect as its extension marketplace. On Magento Connect, one can download new extensions and add that to the Magento Connect Manager. So, the user can easily install extensions, whereas there is no need to extract, download or upload the files through FTP. There are some extensions for free while others are paid ones. This is the flexibility you don’t enjoy with other eCommerce platforms. Magento, unlike Shopify, evolves and changes as the business grows and develops. Since Magento supports expansion, you may manage several stores and transact in several countries. Magento Exteleveragece helps leverage the rich feaallowingand capabilities, allowing integrations with many other tools like CRM and ERP.
  • SEO Friendly: Magento is more SEO friendly than other eCommerce platforms like Shopify and OpenCart. Unlike Shopify, the store owner can sell digital goods and customized products online with Magento. When you run an online store, it is important to get love from search engines. Google indexes the pages correctly, employing Rich Snippets, Meta Titles, and detailed descriptions. Besides, the community edition is quite responsive. So, the website adjusts to the screen size of the device.
  • Magento ensures security: Every store owner wants to make his eCommerce platform as secure as possible. Magento makes it easy. You can use scores of source codes to spot vulnerabilities and bugs. Once the bugs are found, the community can fix them in the coming update. Unlike Shopify, Magento ensures complete safety, security, and privacy.
  • Magento offers pricing flexibility: When you talk about the pricing plans and hosting options, Magen ,needs more investment, but the hosting plan will be hosting web grade. You spend money on which you spend money will make a huge difference to the store’s performance. If you migrate the shopping cart later, then Magento offers more flexibility than OpenCart. You may try out a one-month trial pack to learn about the package features and the pricing options. Besides, OpenCart offers you limited community support.

Unlike WordPress, Shopify, and OpenCart, Magento has established itself as a global eCommerce platform. Innumerable design choices, powerful SEO tools, and customized shopping experiences are available with Magento.


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Why Magento is Better Than Other eCommerce Platforms