Why iOS Development is preferred by developers

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Statistics show that developers prefer to build apps for iOS rather than building them for Android due to high operational and running costs and bottlenecks that arise later on due to a wide range of devices and models that Android supports. This is the reason why iOS Development is preferred by an app developer.

However, improvement in models and designs of Android devices are making it easier for developers to focus on some selected devices in place of running around to check whether the app they have built would work on all devices or not. It helps separate the chaff from the grain as users would know beforehand on what version of Android devices the app in question would run.

Notwithstanding the above fact, an iOS development company launches an app for iOS first. They let Apple users try it first and wait for the feedback. They try to add on the features through updates and make sure that they work fine. Thereafter they go for launching the app for android with android extensive features after testing the waters. So in serving Apple users first, it seems developers are in fact doing favors to android users.

But, the larger picture is not what it seems. Developers are not reluctant to launch their apps on Android first because of the sole reason of complexity and high operational costs. The main concern is the amount to profits they would incur once they launch it for Apple users who can afford to buy them.

It is an established fact that Android users are reluctant to pay for any app while Apple users don’t do that. Also, apps that charge money are subjected to being copied and let out to get downloaded for free. The point is that whatever app is on the Apple app store for money, there is always a pirated version of that on Android. Especially, game developers who keep an eye on their performance and analytics find that their idea is being used for people who could have brought their app from the Google store in the first place.

Piracy affects apps on iOS too. It is almost impossible to prove how many pirated software app caused them actual damage. It can’t be proved that those who are buying the pirated could have actually brought the original one. If any app is available without any cost, you need not care much about piracy. So, iOS is far more profitable for developers than Android.

Android users are keen on not paying for any app while iOS is more promising in terms of making money from apps when it comes to developers. Apple was generous enough to pay over ten billion dollars to its developers while Google has never shred so many pennies out of their pockets.

Distimo is an application store analytics company that reviews trends in the apps market for developers. It estimated in the year 2013 that share of the Apple app store in the whole revenues generated through apps would be 73% and the previous year it was 81% but for Android, the share is just 27% given the fact that it was way better than 19% of the yesteryear. The balance is slowly tilting owing to the fact that now apps are launched on iOS and Android at the same time and even if an app is launched on Android first, it doesn’t take long to get launched on Android.

So, if I am an iOS development company, the odds are that I would opt for developing apps for the Apple app store rather than for Android.

Why iOS Development is preferred by developers

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