Why Google Focuses on Micro-Location for Searches

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Many users have this question about why Google focuses on micro-location during searches or, to be more precise, how Google searches vary in different locations. It might sound simple, but it is not as it seems. You might be surprised to hear that search results can vary even for two people sitting in the same room. This is because Google tries to deliver the most accurate and relevant results for each user. There are a few factors behind this; let’s get to the details.

3 Factors related to Google Searches Variation 

There are three factors behind the different search results. First, it can be possible that the search provides more accurate results due to being more sophisticated and intuitive. The factors are listed below:

1. Personification 

It might be possible that the user’s previous searches are personified to Google unless you have blocked the history. However, if you go and log in to a specified site regularly, Google might learn this habit and prioritize it. For instance, if you are using Google accounts, then the personalization is even higher. It will take those preferences that are in your search history. 

2. Algorithm changes 

Google always tries to update its algorithm to maintain the changes that may also affect the searches. And, with changes to the algorithm, the users see different results. Hence, these factors influence the user’s search results. 

3. Location 

Locations influence the search results depending on where you are searching. It also happens that the site might have a good ranking, but it is nowhere near you. Google has the feature to detect the geographical location and provide relevant results. Google always tries to give the best customer experience with the search engine. You will also notice the maps and addresses of local businesses on the right side of the column.

Essential Microlocal Keyword

Besides local macro keywords, microlocal keywords also decide search results. Local businesses like plumbers etc., can be benefited from the use of local keywords. The local keyword determines the ranking in Google, and these local keywords work as identification. As you have noticed, Google shows a wide variety of results, and it can vary if people use more specific words in their search. Hence, these search results vary in different outskirts. Some points will help you out to have a more clear vision:

Aspects that can be the reason for Google’s involvement of Micro location in Results 

It would be best also to remember that the search results also vary depending on the device you are using and the local keywords. However, below are some points that will help you to get a clear picture: 

Previous searches can affect the recent results.

Google has a search history of yours unless you delete them. If the users search for a similar topic with the exact local keywords, google will remember this. Next time when you search for the same, google will deliver results based on your previous searches

Selecting the same Google link

You might use the same phrase or keyword repeatedly and click on the particular link repeatedly. Then, you will see that Google returned your results, but with a little changeover. You will see that it has started to show more results. When you select the particular link over time, the ranks of the website pages go higher. Hence, Google tries to change the results as it is not the original rank of the link. Google ranks depend on many factors, and it might not be possible to fulfill the factors. But, due to repeated selection, it has gone higher. 


To your knowledge, the search results reflect the location settings that you are using. For example, if you search plumber, the Google results will show you the one close to you. This can be beneficial for the local businesses but not for the national firms. If you go out of town and search the same thing, you will see how the same keyword changes. This happens because of the location settings in Google that you have selected. 

Use of Google account

Almost everyone has a Google account, and these accounts can be used on multiple devices. While searching, if you have also logged in to another Google account, this data will be used by Google to help refine your search. Even if you log out from the account and search, the data will vary. You can try it by yourself and see the change. As a result, other Google accounts can play a role in search results as well. 

The device from where the search is done

As already mentioned that Google updates its algorithms more often so that no one can fraud rank the site by just putting local keywords. One such algorithm is a Panda that was used so that mobile search sites do not rank higher. You have often seen that the result has altered in the case of desktop search. If you have a well-written website without any alternatives or designs, the ranking will vary from device to device. This might also vary — how the sites perform on mobile and other devices. 

Searches that you perform

Your search can make a big impact on the results displayed. If the local keywords are included in the search, then all the related results will appear. The filter located below the search box can be useful for the searches to look for specific sites. The most interesting filter is the time settings that help to avoid outdated content. And also to make sure that the Google results are more specific. And, this can also be one of the reasons why it is focusing on micro-location more nowadays. 


So, these were all about the fact why Google is focusing on micro-location searches. This will help you to understand why this is happening. Hopefully, all the points will help you get a clear picture and improve your site engagement or visibility.

Why Google Focuses on Micro-Location for Searches

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