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Why eCommerce Should Embrace Location

If you have an e-commerce store or are thinking about launching one soon, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that since you do business on the internet and cater to people from all over the globe, there’s no need to focus on location-based initiatives. However, there are numerous reasons why keeping location in mind could pay off for your business whether it’s a startup or a long-established entity.

Why eCommerce Should Embrace Location

Give Exclusive Shipping Perks to Nearby Site Visitors

Using customers’ locations to inform your interactions with them is known as geotargeting. It could boost your e-commerce business in ways you hadn’t considered previously. Consider the advantages of offering free shipping to customers who are close to your primary business location. Sending items to the local area typically costs significantly less than distributing them to places that are further away, and free shipping is an advantage your local customers will love.

Keep Local Customers Abreast of Interesting Events

If you have a brick-and-mortar store with a supplementary online presence, you might hold events that customers in your local area could attend. Alternatively, your website might serve up a page dedicated to listing relevant activities in a given area.

California Car Cover Co. is an e-commerce business in the Golden State that got its start as a physical store decades ago and later branched out to offer online shopping. It maintains a comprehensive internet-based inventory and has a retail establishment people can visit. Sometimes, the physical location hosts automotive events for customers. It also has a page on the website mentioning car-related gatherings throughout the state.

You might build your e-commerce site so that when appropriate, it targets people who may want to attend in-person events. Doing that allows you to start forming a reputation as a professional and trustworthy retailer, especially if you only focus on activities that relate to the things you sell.

Find Talented Future Employees

Even if you do not have a store people can visit, you still need employees to update your website, pack boxes of purchased items and monitor your social media pages. Think about the possibility of holding an open house and putting up a website banner for visitors who are close enough to attend.

A public event of that nature is a great opportunity to appeal to people who may be interested in working for your business. It lets you give them a glimpse into what workers do in a typical day, plus you can demonstrate how your products work and which features make them unique.

Advertise In-Person Returns

A potential downside of online shopping is that customers usually can’t return items in person. Instead, they have to send products back to the internet-based merchants that distributed them. That often means customers have to go through the hassle of repacking their items, printing shipping labels and taking the unwanted products to authorized shipping locations.

However, a startup company called Happy Returns hopes to change all that by giving people the option of bringing their purchased items back to specific locations located in their communities. Individuals instantly get merchandise credits in return, eliminating frustrating times and providing quick gratification.

If a site visitor’s IP address indicates the person is close to a place to take returned items, you could deliver specific content that informs them that the service is available and gives other relevant details.

These examples illustrate why it’s necessary to be mindful of location-based site traffic while setting up and managing your e-commerce website. Your efforts could help keep customers happy and increase your revenue.

Nathan Sykes is a blogger, techie and beer lover. When not geeking out about the latest software update, he can be found cheering on whichever Pittsburgh sports team is playing at the time. To stay up to date on the latest in tech, check out his blog, Finding an Outlet.

Why eCommerce Should Embrace Location

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