Why Digital Marketing is Important for an Accounting School

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Why Digital Marketing is Important for an Accounting School

Digital marketing is the new form of advertising. Gone are the days of newspaper and drive-by ads you see on highways. Instead, digital marketing is anything from posting on Tiktok to Facebook ads on your feed.

Digital marketing agencies play an important role for accounting schools, and many schools have now started their social media accounts in hopes of building their ads.

How to build your brand on social media

A good digital marketing agency should help you to build your brand. They shouldn’t create and post spammy ads. Instead, a good digital marketing agency will talk to your clients and target audience. They will assist your accountants in making useful online courses that will build your accounting school’s reputation as heathland sincere.

These online courses can then be published on Youtube, and a shorter form can be published on Tiktok, where 10 to 15-second videos tend to do very well. Tiktok has blown up, and many small creators are getting to chance to have their videos seen by many since Tiktok uses machine learning, and a core part of its algorithm is giving smaller channels a chance to be seen on their For You page.

Also, you can always start a podcast like Lex Friedman, where you talk to your clients. Small business owners tend to want to learn about what other small business owners in other industries are doing. They can solve accounting problems and talk about how your accounting school uses Xero and has offered Xero online courses to your students, which has helped them clean up their bookkeeping. Finally, you can promote your Xero online courses by offering free 5-minute previews, so students know what to expect.

Talk about accounting problems.

As accountants, we know the problems with accounting software. For example, we know that Quickbooks is more “open,” which causes problems in bookkeeping that accountants will, l have to clean up. And it’s usually worth the effort to move it to Xero, too. Many reasons to move to Xero are very passionate about this topic. The problem is that small business owners are usually oblivious to these issues and only have one source of information – i.e., their current accountants, who may not be familiar with the various types of accounting software.

This usually scares small business owners since accounting must be kept up-to-date and contain accurate information. So nothing can be lost in your transfer. So you can share the process of migrating all the data from one accounting system to another and talk about how you prepare backups and prevent any data lost in the data migration to Xero or any other accounting software.

You can also share quick clips and interviews of accountants talking about how much easier Xero is or why they decided to move to different accounting software.

You can do a lot for digital marketing to grow your accounting school and get more students for your Xero online courses! But start small and look for new digital marketing strategies like SEO. The possibilities are endless!

Why Digital Marketing is Important for an Accounting School

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