Wholesale Custom Stickers are The Best Advertising Tool

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We humans have been existing for thousands of years and discovering new and interesting ways of selling things. As for stickers, they date back to the Egyptian era. Archaeologists have found many remains of papers posted on the wall in the ancient market to display their goods’ prices.

However, the modern stickers were invented in 1839, when Sir Rowland Hill developed an adhesive paper. Since then, we have been evolving those adhesive papers into stickers we used today. Stickers have been a major part of advertising campaigns, thanks to their durability, affordability, and prominence.

Now that there is digital printing technology, there are endless options to choose from. It has never been cheaper to order custom made stickers. Here in this article, we will look at stickers’ different features and see how stickers are the best advertising tool.



Before starting your advertisement campaign, you need to consider your marketing budget. Budget planning in the early stage will restrict you from falling into many potholes. With that, you will also determine your ROI (Return on Investment) of your marketing campaign.

During your budgeting, you will know that stickers are very cheap compared to other marketing tools, such as Tv ads, billboard banners, etc. While being cheap, the sticker can outcast all of the other tools if designed well.

If you think about custom stickers, test them on a small prototype piece before ordering in full quantity. There are multiple qualities for you to choose from, Such as panel stickering, mirror finish, transparent, and chrome. A few of them are a bit more costly than the others.

Place them anywhere

The most important thing in marketing is creativity. Stickers are more likely to get attention when placed in an unexpected place. Here are the best ways to place stickers.

  • Entrance Door: Many companies use stickers on the entrance door (preferably glass door) as a part of their marketing campaign. The entrance door is not necessary. You can take advantage of any transparent moving thing and market your brand in a novel way.
  • Rest Rooms: Public restrooms have proven to be a very effective place for sticker marketing. You can place them on hair dryers, mirrors, and even sinks. The placement of the stickers matters a lot and is the perfect place to deliver a sales pitch.
  • Walls and Ceilings: Take advantage of sales events; if you got yourself a retail location, find a place to plaster a wall-size sticker, it will attract many audiences. Ceilings are another very effective place for stickers. Place them in a room where people eventually lookup—for instance, malls, escalators, or even above a dentist chair. Custom printed stickers are an interesting and creative way to market

Comes in All Sizes

Stickers are available in a wide range of sizes. You can order them in less than an inch and maximize its size to your demand. Sticker covers roughly every market, from enterprises such as Coke to a newly registered startup. Roll form stickers are generally used when you need an enormous amount, but you get size limitations.

However, you can order sheet stickers with no size limitation. You can order them at minimum quality in any size.

When it comes to shape, you can have square, round, and die-cut is always an option for customization. The custom one is the most widely used for advertisement. This wide range of size and shape becomes helpful during label selection.

Easy Merge with Marketing Campaign

There isn’t any market in this world that is prone to branding. Stickers are the only flexible tools that merge with any market, other than online. They can be used with all advertising materials, such as bags, caps, catalogs, and product packaging. If it is designed well with modern concepts, it can show its effects in surprising ways.

One-time Investment

Other marketing tools have a relatively shorter life span. It would be best if you kept paying the vendor to keep your advertisement campaign up and running. However, this is not the case with the stickers. Once you have placed them in a nice place, they will keep advertising your brand for years until someone tears it off.

That is because custom printed stickers don’t easily fade away. If you have chosen a fine quality of materials and equally fine printing, your sticker might survive longer than you with the final touch of the coating. A tv viewer might skip through your ad, while you will have 10-30 seconds to engage the viewer, and the same is the case with radio ads. Whereas in stickers, you need a glimpse of people to attract them. That makes stickers the most interesting way to engage people.

How are Giants using stickers?

Very renowned companies around the world have been using stickers all along. Let’s take the example of the Apple that has used stickers most intelligently. Apple stickers come with all of their products, and people stick to them where everyone can see the sticker. Apple actively made its brand image and didn’t need to hire a single employee to stick the stickers worldwide.

Other companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s drive-through stickers have taken good advantage of the stickers campaign.


Now that we have gone through all of the aspects which show how stickers are the best advertising tool. We also discussed how long they have existed. So, if a tool has survived this long, it will have some unique trick that other tools cannot perform.

Due to their low costs, even small startups can use them. While wholesale stickers have cheap costs, they don’t lose their magic. After reading this article, you now know one of the best places to start a sticker advertisement. You can order maxed size for wall and ceilings and tiny sizes for phone backs and guitars. It is up to you how creatively you use them and take the unique advertising tool.

Wholesale Custom Stickers are The Best Advertising Tool

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