Which is the Best Enterprise Mobility Platform for All Industries?

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Which is the Best Enterprise Mobility Platform for All Industries?`

Enterprise Mobility Service (EMS) is a service that allows businesses to enable their employees to access everything through mobile devices securely. Securing company data on employees’ mobile devices is known as enterprise mobility management. It includes a variety of enterprise mobile app development and technology.

We’ve compiled a list of the best corporate mobility management software suppliers to simplify your search. We’ve also included the names of the platforms and product lines and their features to help you see how each solution can benefit you. 

10 Best Enterprise Mobility Platform For All Industries

1. Excellent Webworld Technologies – Best Overall

Depending on the company’s sector, each organization requires a unique solution. Excellent Webworld takes the time to learn about the customer’s business and tailor a solution that is the right fit for them. 

Organizations will be assisted by a dedicated team of enterprise mobile solution developers who can provide customized enterprise mobile solutions. Here are some of the benefits of working with Excellent Web World.

    • Get cost-effective corporate mobility consultancy for your company and enterprise mobile app development.
    • Obtain a completely tailored solution based on your demands by keeping your business goals and market specialization in mind.
    • The solutions take complete care of the security of the company’s data and other crucial information.
    • The developed application will provide you with feature enhancement, system operations, bug corrections, and much more.
    • The system allows employees to view their data and effortlessly share it with others.

2. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an enterprise mobility management solution that offers a unified console for securely managing corporate and personal devices on Apple, Android, Windows, and Chrome platforms.

    • Automate business and personal device onboarding across Apple, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS.
    • Safeguard data at rest, in use, and transit by enforcing security policies.
    • Install the required enterprise-approved apps and content on devices.
    • Protect business data on personal devices by enclosing it in a container and preventing personal applications from accessing it.

3. Peerbits

Peerbits offers enterprise mobile app development services as part of its mobility solutions. It serves various businesses, including healthcare, education, and retail. In addition, it is capable of cloud deployments.

    • Mobile Content Management, Security Management, Policy Management, BYOD Management, and Mobile Lifecycle Management are among the features available.
    • Cross-platform functionality will be available in mobile apps.
    • Optimized user productivity, mobile remote monitoring and provisioning, and cloud-based deployments are also included.

4. Octal Software

Octal Software’s enterprise mobility solutions cover security and management, real-time operations, business process automation, field workforce management, etc.

Small organizations can use their enterprise mobility consulting services. It creates mobile apps tailored to users’ needs and cuts out every other useless feature.

    • Mobile Device Management
    • Mobile Application Management
    • It comes with an Antivirus for mobile devices 
    • Manages the operations in near real-time 

5. Citrix

Citrix offers mobile enterprise solutions in digital workspaces, networking, and analytics. In addition, it provides people-centric solutions that allow your company more freedom.

    • Employees will be able to work from anywhere thanks to secure remote access provided by virtual apps and desktops.
    • Your team will be able to access and share files from any location, thanks to the content collaboration.
    • Application Delivery Management will provide you with total visibility of your Apps and desktops through intelligent analytics.

6. IBM

IBM Watson EMM can assist you in managing and securing endpoints for both personal and business devices. iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Windows devices are all supported. In addition, mobile Expense Management, Mobile Document Editor, and Mobile Document Sync are among the features available.

    • Mobile Device Management and Application Management.
    • REal-time mobile document Syncing.
    • The Mobile Document Editor will allow you to create, amend, and share Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.
    • Mobile Expense Management will assist you in keeping track of your roaming and data expenses.

7. Credencys 

Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, and Transportation are some of the industries that widely use Credencys’ business mobility solutions. The Non-Disclosure Agreement provides confidentiality and security. It also offers you control over the source code.

    • It will assist you in locating and hiring mobile app developers.
    • It will be a cost-effective option because you will only be charged for the resources and time you use.
    • Because of the Offshore Development Center, it is also a viable option for ongoing projects.
    • It will allow for on-the-fly development.

8. Nex Mobility

Nex Mobility develops mobile apps to deliver outstanding enterprise mobile solutions. It has a solution for practically every industry. Moreover, it makes use of cutting-edge technology. These services will assist you in empowering your company and enhancing customer service.

    • The applications will seamlessly integrate multiple platforms.
    • Intuitive platforms will be provided through UI solutions.
    • Your data security will be taken care of by the applications.
    • Data will be delivered quickly using the built application.

9. Hexnode

Hexnode MDM, Hexnode’s enterprise mobility management solution, gives users mobile and endpoint control capabilities tailored to BYOD management.

All typical mobility management functions, including management and provisioning tools, remote set up and configuration, etc., are included in Hexnode MDM. In addition, Hexnode also provides email, security, application, and content management services to enterprises.

    • Real-time remote device troubleshooting.
    • With geofencing, you can track devices and accomplish location-based compliance.
    • Access to company emails and material should be restricted for non-compliant devices.
    • Ensure that devices are constantly running the latest OS version.
    • Locate, lock, and wipe lost or stolen devices remotely.

10. Brainvire 

Many businesses, including advertising, healthcare, education, and finance, use Brainvire’s workplace mobility services. These services are provided through the development of secure and cross-platform mobile apps.

It can create native and HTML5 web applications that will assist you in obtaining vital and real-time data, allowing you to make swift decisions.

    • It ensures the security of mobile applications.
    • It will provide you access to mobile analytics.
    • It also has a Mobile Advertisement Network integration.
    • It also provides Mobile Managed Services, Mobile Application Development, and various other services.

Final Thoughts

Enterprise mobile solution provides you with many options for increasing your company’s reach and acquiring new customers. Given the advantages of implementing business mobility solutions, every firm with workers outside the office should prioritize enterprise mobile app development.

When you operate a company, it’s also vital to keep up with current industry trends; if you don’t, your company will eventually fail. As a result, putting together a robust corporate mobility solution plan will only benefit your business.

Which is the Best Enterprise Mobility Platform for All Industries?