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Where You Can Get Free Social Media Icons

Social media is the buzzword, people keep on buzzing as if bees, are you on Facebook, are you on Instagram. Hey! There I am using Whatsapp. These are the most common things we hear every day this is what social media is. A common platform for each and everyone to communicate and not only communicate in the form of chats but also to express their views through Twitter, not limited to even this it is a platform where various brands post their brand items and earn a lot and promote themselves. This is what social media actually is.

What are these social media icons?

Like everything has a name, or a sign of identification so that people may know what it is such as we all have names may be different names, similar names, identity cards to identify that we are, etc. The same way these social media platforms have their unique names as well as icons which are social media icons that help us to identify the platform we are using.

Social media icon sets:

We often wonder who might have created these icons. So, do not worry that you may create them on your own i.e. you can add colors to the standard icons scribble them, resize them all as per your needs. So, let us start with how to get free social media icons and alter them accordingly. They are listed as follows:

  • Iconfinder: Iconfinder is the best place to find the media icons of your choice; it provides a wide range of icons to the user, which can be used for any purpose. The free version of the Iconfinder allows its users to use the icons for commercial purposes as well as it allows editing them according to their will.

These icons are partitioned according to their usage such as feedback consisting of emojis or we sometimes call them smiley’s, marketing, advertising, etc.

  • Nucleo free icons for social-media: There is a complete package of 40 icons that are further available in three different styles. So, whatever style suits the user the most he can choose out of the three and implement them in his work. The plus point with this is all the 40 icons in all the three styles are completely free you need not pay a penny for accessing any of them.
  • Triangle vector set icons for social media: In these vector sets the user get the complete set of the icons that are triangular, also they are resizable that is these triangular form icons can be increased or decreased. They are a set of 20 icons and that too free.
  • Free circular vector set: These are just like the triangular vector set with the only difference that they are in available to the users in circular forms instead of triangular form. In addition, they are completely free to users.
  • Animated and flat icons: The animated icons are available to the users in various sizes ranging from 64 pixels to higher pixels i.e. 256, also they are available in various formats according to the users demand animated gif, PNG, or Vector.
  • Ultra-thin icons: As the name suggests the ultra-thin icons are very thin as outlines, they are 24 in number, which are available in such a style and are available in the formats of Photoshop, .ai, .eps, vector.
  • Sketch vectors as a stamp: There are 20 such icons that are available; they are just like daily stamps but in a sketched way. They look very attractive when applied.
  • Geometric icons: These geometric icons are available in different sizes such as 32 pixels and even higher such as 48, 64, and 128 in different shades such as neon colors, pastel colors or even darker or brighter variances. Therefore, this provides a diverse range for the users to choose from he has many color options for the same icon.

Where You Can Get Free Social Media Icons

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