WhatsApp Business – How to Empower Your Business With a Virtual Number

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WhatsApp Business - How to Empower Your Business With a Virtual Number

Virtual numbers are a powerful marketing tool for businesses on WhatsApp, as they allow them to broadcast messages, automate responses and offer customer support without giving out their personal phone number.

They are also a great way to protect your identity and privacy, especially if you work in a high-profile industry.

WhatsApp Business – How to Empower Your Business With a Virtual Number

Let’s explore three benefits of using a virtual number and how you can get your own.

Avoid being flagged for spam when promoting your products

Businesses can increase their credibility by using a virtual WhatsApp number by sending notifications, automating FAQs, and routing customers to the right experts based on their needs.

Receive business calls without worrying about privacy

Businesses can mask their customers’ calls or numbers when connecting them to a third party on WhatsApp to safeguard their customers’ identities.

For example, suppose your business uses a third-party logistics partner for shipping and deliveries. In that case, you can set the logistics partner as the call destination to allow customers to track their shipments without worrying about revealing their numbers.

You can also use this feature to mask the number of your business partner or customer service representative. This is especially helpful for businesses that handle sensitive information daily, such as financial services or healthcare providers.

Virtual call center with remote agents available 24/7

Using a virtual number and linking it to a cloud-based customer experience solution enables you to easily enable agents from different countries to work cohesively while providing consistently localized support services to your customers, regardless of time zones.

Placing Your Virtual Numbers on a Unified Communication Platform

Bringing your virtual numbers together with a unified communications (UC) platform can dramatically change how you engage with customers and collaborate with teams.

Businesses can streamline all conversations by bringing multiple communication channels to a single dashboard. They can also easily match customers with the right experts using intelligent routing rules in an intuitive user interface.

Supervisors can have centralized and real-time visibility of all inquiries and monitor agent activity with call reports.

Using international toll-free numbers and DID numbers in omnichannel marketing campaigns can increase smart business coordination. Assign a virtual number to a campaign segment, and gauge the channel that performs better by the number of calls coming in through different channels.

Businesses can also benefit from an informed marketing strategy with real-time call reports.

A Total Experience Platform for WhatsApp Virtual Numbers

Here is what you can consider when you are looking for WhatsApp virtual numbers:

  • A range of international toll-free numbers, UIFN (Universal Toll-Free), and DID numbers from different countries with A-Z voice termination that are directly integrated with tier-1 carriers
  • Supports a full array of PBX features such as call controls, call ID masking, voicemail, and call recording, as well as any SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based system integration
  • Provides virtual office versatility with virtual numbers to let you make, manage, and route calls

Setting up a virtual number for your WhatsApp Business account will help you provide personalized support services at scale and boost your sales.

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