What’s Best - SEO, PPC, or An Integrated Approach?
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What’s Best – SEO, PPC, or An Integrated Approach?

Which marketing practices generate the maximum results for your business – PPC or SEO? SEO and PPC are both are successful marketing models. So, it’s a tricky question for most marketers.

That’s because they each have their own drawbacks and advantages. So let’s examine some reasons to use SEO, PPC, or an integrated approach.

Reasons to Use SEO

  • Guarantees Sustainable Growth – You need to leverage SEO strategies if you want long-term and sustainable results for your brand. That’s because you don’t have to keep paying for ads to generate high-quality and organic traffic to your website.
  • Cost-Effective Approach – Unlike PPC, SEO strategies are cost-effective because they are not expensive. It may take time to develop the brand’s visibility and generate organic traffic, but each click has no direct cost.
  • Boost in Website Traffic – SEO strategies will help you drive organic and high-quality traffic to your website. This will lead to an increase in brand awareness and visibility.

Reasons to Use PPC

  • Easy Targeting – PPC helps you achieve laser-targeting. This will help you easily reach out to your potential customers. You can target your ads by location, device, search keywords, language, past visits and behavior, day of the week, and time of day.
  • Increase the Brand Visibility in Search Engine Results – With the help of PPC strategies, you can place your ads above organic results. As a result, this will increase your brand visibility. As an outcome of this, you will successfully get the attention of your target audience. And it may encourage them to visit your website and make a purchase.

Advantages of Combining SEO and PPC

Paid ads help you place your ads even before the organic search results. However, SEO helps you generate organic traffic to your website. So, it’s best to combine both strategies and reap the best of both.

Following are the major advantages of using PPC and SEO together:

  • First, you can test your keyword strategy with PPC before you use those keywords for your SEO.
  • You can feed the conversion data and keywords from your PPC strategies into your SEO strategies.
  • When you use SEO and PPC together, it will help you increase your brand awareness.
What’s Best - SEO, PPC, or An Integrated Approach?
What’s Best – SEO, PPC, or An Integrated Approach?

Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris

Author Bio – Zachary Harris

Zac Harris is the Director of SEO at SpyFu. He is passionate about scaling companies and testing all things SEO.

To learn more about SEO and PPC, check out this infographic by SpyFu.

Image courtesy: Spyfu.com

What’s Best – SEO, PPC, or An Integrated Approach?

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