What Would Happen If You Break Up With Social Media?

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What Would Happen If You Break Up With Social Media?

Going on a trip? Bought a new phone? Baked a mouth-watering cake? Found a cockroach in your room? Or even having a bad day? Get your phone, connect it to Wi-Fi (or even switch on mobile data), and upload the pictures with captions on Facebook, live stories on Snapchat, and Instagram (Now even Messenger too!). Can you easily relate it to your own life? Yes, you can! Most of us have this life these days. We can’t spare a second without updating our daily routine on these social media platforms.

Moreover, in the hype of these platforms, we often neglect the real relationships of our life. Consider a very relatable situation: You’re at a restaurant with your most beloved one. The sizzling steak comes to your table. Guess what? Instead of sharing the meal, you start taking pictures of the food on social media. Instead of talking with that person, you’re busy replying to the comments on Facebook. Is it justified?

Now, give a minute to yourself. And think! Think about what your life would’ve been if there weren’t a bit of these social media platforms. Have you ever asked your grandparents or even parents how was there life was before the advent of social media? The sun used to shine, and the moon was bright as it is right now. For a moment, consider that you broke up with Facebook and Instagram, just like you broke up with your girlfriend/ boyfriend. Will you curl up in the blanket and cry? No! You wouldn’t. Everything will be in its right place. So, why not give it a try?

Let’s have a look at some of the positive aspects of breaking up with your social media:

Enhanced Productivity:

Do you suffer a headache or pain in the eyes after the extensive use of mobile phones? It’s pretty normal. You sit in the wrong posture and spend hours on using the addictive social media apps. If you don’t use these apps, you’re least likely to indulge in the mobile phones. Your brain will be much fresher than before. Hence, giving rise to your productivity and creativity. You’ll invest your time in fulfilling your small dreams, which you’re passionate about.

A happy Life:

Do you spend time in stalking the social media profiles of celebrities and your friends? Don’t feel shy; keep the answer to yourself. Our point of consideration is that what happens after you stalk the profiles? First, you tend to get impressed by people’s virtual lives and compare them with yours. Then, you just burst into tears, start dieting or feel jealous. Most of the people normally don’t post the wrong pictures on social media. So, why do you make your life miserable by watching these virtual pictures? When you stop using social media, you’ll be much happier in your life. You’ll be more grateful for your life instead of comparing with others.

Improved relationships:

Social media is a medium of connecting the friends and families. In fact, to some extent, it really does connect people. It lets you find your old school mates. The problem begins when you start misusing it. Instead of having a good family time, you spend hours in chatting and posting on social media. If you break up with it, you’ll surely have a great time with your people.

Moreover, have you ever spend time in appreciating the nature? We do take pictures of scenic beauties and post them on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #nature #beauty. It’s just to get plenty of likes and comments. But, it would be best if you spent some time of your lives in realizing the beauty of nature. Are you ready to break up with these platforms? Great! Let’s do it together.

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What Would Happen If You Break Up With Social Media?