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Since its commencement way back in 1995, the world of online shopping and eCommerce has been one of the biggest trends in many industries and has been innovated countless times in order to suit the needs of every kind of shopper – from shopaholics, busy people, and those who would like to shop but are not keen on going to the mall and enduring hours of searching, walking from one point to another, or big crowds.

In fact, there are various reasons in the world why online shopping has been more popular with each year. It’s perfect for impulse buyers who are looking for a quick purchase without needing to get dressed or start a car, busy people who simply have no time to go to malls on top of their daily schedules, people who are rushing to find the perfect gift for an upcoming event, or even those who like to buy items that are not available for them physically – either they’re from overseas or in a city that’s miles and miles away.

This growing industry has prompted various studies into the world of online shopping and eCommerce – from how it has affected the various other industries that are now exploring this landscape, the expected growth of online shopping in the coming years based on consumer behavior from the past years, and even the consumer behavior itself that is used to predict what sort of improvements and trends are bound to happen within the online shopping field. These studies are done in hopes of improving the quality of experience for online buyers and sellers alike, leading to developments within the online shopping landscape for all.

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One of these studies explored consumer behavior specifically on what items that they are most likely to buy online.

Learn more about them and why they are highly sought after in this infographic by Sign Within:

What We Buy Online

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