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What Top Sites Are Doing with eCommerce Carts to Increase Sales

A website’s user interface is one of the most important parts for converting customers. The navigation, logo and color contrast all has to look beautiful to gain user attention. At the same time, you cannot deny the importance of website’s functionality and inner pages such as a checkout or a sign out page. Many customers leave products in carts if the checkout page is not designed well. In fact, a clearly designed checkout page has the potential to turn casual visitors into long term clients. Here are 8 popular eCommerce sites presenting a perfectly designed checkout page for customers.


What Top Sites Are Doing with eCommerce Carts to Increase Sales


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Apple is a popular well-known brand for all. Like the brand, the website is also exquisitely done including a well-thought-out checkout page. It makes wise use of white-spacing to emphasize on all Call to Action (CTAs) buttons. A number of users want to check out without registering an account through a long checkout procedure. Apple has solved this problem with ease. A guest checkout method is available to all such passengers who want to quickly check out from the system without filling in any lengthy details. The only downside to this system is such customers are not able to avail monthly newsletters to avail sale and discount offers etc.


Amazon is another brand that has made online shopping easy for all customers. It has a shopping cart on the web page’s header to remind customers about the number of products that they have added to their cart. Transition to the actual checkout page is also quite simple. This technique can definitely increase customers when applied correctly to any eCommerce site.

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Some eCommerce sites such as Asos offer “Save for Later” option to grab customers. Some other also modify it further to offer “Save for Later” or a “Wish List” to make online shopping as quick and easy as possible. These buttons can be used by customers to add products in baskets and purchase only during the sale days. This button can also be used for returning an item. This option works great when looking to sell items through cross-platforms.

The button provides good functionality on mobile devices. People are always browsing eCommerce sites on mobiles to add products in their wish list and then buy from laptops. Asos is perfectly making use of this technique to offer a mobile-friendly, responsive and beautiful eCommerce site for all business owners.


Leaving a site due to a complex and lengthy order online form is a common problem for many eCommerce sites. Fortunately, there are hacks around it. Sites such as Bellroy are providing its customers a one-step checkout procedure to ensure a safe and smooth online shopping experience. Different researches have also indicated a higher conversion rate for one-page eCommerce checkout pages as compared to a two-page checkout process.

Important information such as shipping and payment details is shared on one-page checkouts. These pages are designed for customers who are in a rush and want to shop as quickly as possible. It also works for customers who are hesitant in sharing extra personal details online due to some bad online shopping experience.



eBags is a popular eCommerce shopping site where customers are presented with a neat and clean checkout. In addition to a clean checkout page, customers can avail a live chat option to inquire online about all the queries and issues they get from order placement to buying online. It further facilitates customers through a loyalty program that give points to customers on an online purchase. These points can be redeemed in future transactions to save money.

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Both guest checkout and one-page checkout options work brilliantly eCommerce giants. However, there are eCommerce stores which want to go with a traditional multi-page checkout method. Nixon has a perfectly designed checkout page utilizing a conventional multi-page checkout procedure.

However, it has numbered all the online steps required for making an online purchase. There is a progress bar at the top of a page to share complete information about the steps remaining in the online shopping process. It also gives access to other important web pages such as returns policy, warranty, and privacy to make navigation around the site comfortable for all.

Dune London


The price and product details are one of the most crucial areas making up an eCommerce site. Dune London has emphasized both these small yet important areas. It displays a small area showcasing product summary on a checkout page. This reminds users about the products added in the cart with the payment required at the checkout page. This also removes any chances for hidden costs. Dune London Checkout page is clean and simple and can surely increase your sales if applied correctly.

Simply Hike


Simply Hike offers different shipment options to provide convenience to all customers. The shipping plans are named “Standard”, “Express” and “Next Working Day” to explain everything from payments to delivery at home in a crystal clear way. It also uses different online payment procedures such as MasterCard, Visa, Paypal etc to facilitate all customers.



Many eCommerce sites such as Crocs display relevant products below order receipt on a checkout page. It is a smart move, since it compels customers to view more products before finalizing their shopping. Crocs and other eCommerce sites which have used this strategy have got a significant boost in their sales.

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Above are some of the amazing eCommerce checkout sites that famous brands such as Amazon, Apple, Crocs, Nixon etc. are using to increase their sales. You can generate a good number of sales by implementing some if not all of the methods discussed above in your eCommerce store. If everything on your site is working properly but lacking sales, then it is time to make some adjustments from the tips and techniques shared above. This will surely increase your sales and help you to grow your business gradually into what you have dreamed for it. If you have any other ideas, you can share with us through comments below.

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What Top Sites Are Doing with eCommerce Carts to Increase Sales

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