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Deciding to launch your own business comes with a lot of excitement and opportunity. You will now get to be your own boss, make your own decisions, and have your own set of loyal clients and customers. However, many new business owners get caught up in the excitement before realizing what it means to run their own business and the responsibilities of wearing multiple hats. For new fitness business owners, one of the biggest challenges in the very beginning is trying to get anything done without fitness management software.

From yoga studio owners to personal trainers to CrossFit coaches, managing clients, taking payments, and making sure you generate revenue can become overwhelming and exhausting. As a result, you can find yourself with a complete lack of motivation before even getting to experience the fun and enjoyment of helping others on their fitness journeys, which is why it is so important to not only use fitness management software but to find the right one for you and your business.

Management software comes with enormous benefits that get your business started on the right foot. So if you are a coach, owner, teacher, or personal trainer who struggles with balance and is eager to get their business off the ground the right way, then this may be the very thing that helps you.

Streamlined admin and payments

One of the biggest benefits of having fitness management software is streamlining all business administration and processes and automatically collecting payments in advance. Without worrying about chasing down clients for their payments and ensuring that your clients can book into classes, you can focus on the quality of your services and ensure that you retain your members. You will also be able to eliminate the worry of knowing who is or who isn’t coming to class because your activity feed and reporting tools will be able to show you that exactly at any given time. The speed and accuracy of the information you receive about your clients and your business will allow you and aid you in making important decisions that can help your business grow.

A dedicated customer management system

Your CRM is the key to knowing your clients from the moment they sign up for your gym, studio, or personal training. With forms and waivers that can be filled out and signed online before class even begins, your clients won’t have to worry about showing up early to process paperwork, and you won’t have to worry about starting class late. Instead, you’ll know who your clients are, their names, fitness history, and all the details you need to begin developing your client-trainer relationship from the moment they arrive through the physical or virtual door.

Online booking system

Your client’s ability to manage their own memberships and bookings online will really save you time. Say goodbye to late nights and worrying about clients signing up for classes. As a new business owner, yes, you will worry about this before classes even begin, but by starting with an online booking system, you won’t ever have to experience this. Your clients can sign up and register all independently, leaving you to focus on your class content. The right fitness management software will also include the ability to offer classes and one-on-one private appointments with your customers and an automated waitlist that will allow your clients to automatically register for the class if another client has to cancel in advance. Your classes will be kept full, and your clients will be happy. It’s a win-win.

Top fitness and marketing integrations

Being able to run your business the way you want should be easy, right? Well, when you run into little bumps in the road that prevent you from running things the way you want, it can cause a lot of frustration. When your management software is partnered with the top apps and platforms you are already familiar with, it can become easier to customize your business and offers. Integrations including Zoom and Zapier allow you to reach your clients no matter where they are, in-person or online. Your constant access to them and them to you creates a bond and understanding that you are a team. When your software can provide this for you, you will feel unstoppable.

All features available

Many fitness management software hides the most beneficial features behind a paywall. Instead, it’s finding the software that gives you access to all of their services and tools that show you they really care about your experience as a customer and the experience you can provide your clients with.

Customer referral program

If you are looking for ways to get clients in the door, then choosing software that includes a built-in customer referral program will give you a good place to start. Your new clients will quickly bring you newer clients when they begin to experience the benefits of aiding your customer acquisition. From free classes to credits, your clients, both new and newer, will enjoy the community they can now join and that they will have a friendly, familiar face with them in your classes.

There are numerous benefits to finding the right fitness management software. If launching a new gym, studio, personal training, or online fitness class is on your horizon, then add software shopping to the list of your top to-dos. Also, don’t forget to check for management software alternatives in the industry to ensure you’re selecting the best option for your business.

What to Look for In Management Software

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