What Makes Laravel Development a Preferred PHP Framework for Web Developers?

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With the evolution of new tech stacks and tools, developers have literally limitless options to pick up their development choices in a web project. But just because of such a staggering range of choices, it becomes tough to pick up technologies for a particular web project.

If your business wants to build a unique and innovative app, choosing the right technology stack becomes an even more daunting task. For building a great app with unique features, developers need to pick a framework with robust technical capabilities. This is where Laravel fits in as the most versatile and feature-rich PHP framework. So when you decide to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers in India, give Laravel a priority in your considerations.

What Is The Laravel Framework?

Laravel is the leading PHP-based web application development framework. PHP has made huge progress over the recent years to come with all kinds of capabilities and features to address present-day web developers’ demands and needs. Every PHP framework comes with a specific set of features and implementation protocols. Among them, Laravel comes as the most robust, powerful, and developer-friendly framework. No wonder it is now the undisputed front-runner among all the PHP frameworks.

These days, web app developers prefer Laravel instead of other PHP frameworks thanks to a wide range of well-articulated features. From multilingual support to compatibility with multiple platforms, Laravel offers everything businesses need to expand their audience reach globally.

Below, we provide some of the key reasons for modern web projects to Laravel Web Development Company India instead of considering other frameworks.

MVC Support

Laravel is also widely recognized for its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture that allows absolute clarity and transparency between logic and presentation. Thanks to this app, performance gets a clear boost. On the other hand, this also helps with proper documentation of web app projects of all sizes and types.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel framework comes loaded with object-oriented libraries and a range of pre-installed models not common to PHP frameworks in general. For example, you get a pre-installed library for Authentication coming with advanced features such as password reset, Bcrypt hashing, encryption, active user check, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption, etc.  Moreover, the framework offers great flexibility with implementation and configuration.


Modularity is a key aspect of modern frameworks as this allows splitting the web app’s components into various modules that can be brought together for shaping other functions. Laravel is a framework that comes loaded with ready-to-use components to use in building modular applications. Thanks to the modularity of Laravel, businesses can build highly scalable web apps with ease.


Data and network security is a big priority for web application projects across online niches. Laravel comes loaded with various security mechanisms to help developers create better security for both data and networks. For example, the framework uses hashtag-laden passwords with Bcrypt hashing. It can also prevent SQL injections by crafting prepared statements to guide developers to come with safe parameters and safeguard from all kinds of vulnerabilities.


The latest edition of Laravel offers authentication features based upon logic to simplify the implementation for developers. Thanks to the new authentication feature, developers better control user identification, and accessibility than ever before. Since app authentication is a crucial aspect of app security, Laravel has a clear edge. With Laravel, the app can have far better control over resources to prevent unauthorized and unsolicited users’ access.

Database Migration

Laravel eases the database migration process, which is a big reason for many developers to pick Laravel as their preferred PHP framework for web development projects. Laravel ensures all data migrations can happen without hassles, and the development team can easily align, modify, and develop the app’s database plan.

Command Line Interface 

Laravel comes with its own command-line interface called Artisan. It is equipped with several inbuilt commands to help with web projects using Laravel. Thanks to this CLI interface, taking care of all repetitive tasks while building the web app becomes easier. The tool helps reduce the manual load of tasks on developers and streamlines the development process.

Great Tutorials

Laravel comes with a feature called Laracasts, a robust source of resources for web developers learning. It offers a range of tutorials that comes as both paid and free ones. Professional instructors conducted all the tutorials who effectively share the insights and lessons using the Laravel framework. Thus, developers having different expertise and experience levels can be benefited from these tutorials.

Powerful Template Engine

Laravel also offers a robust templating engine called Blade. The template engine is full of resources, exceptionally easy-to-use, and very lightweight. In contrast to other PHP frameworks, Laravel helps users use simple PHP codes to build intuitive and unique apps. The template engine also offers a specific set of controls, including loops and conditional statements.

Capability To Switch Between File Systems

Laravel framework also comes loaded with inbuilt support for a whole array of cloud storage platforms like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and many other local cloud storage options. In addition, the framework allows developers to switch between the file systems seamlessly across any location.

Inbuilt Testing Mechanism 

Laravel comes with inbuilt tools and protocols to help with app testing. For example, laravel can automatically run the app through unit tests to detect serious lapses and inhibit them when the app testing is carried out. In addition, through the inbuilt command-line interface called Artisan, developers can run unit tests and debugging programs.


Laravel is always proved to be a handy tool for building powerful web apps. All the features and capabilities we mentioned so far only refer to the robust nature of Laravel and its intuitive abilities that fit any web app development requirement. These features and capabilities also help you understand the increasing popularity of the Laravel framework and why it could outpace other PHP-based web development frameworks.

The best thing about the Laravel framework is that it helps developers build their skills and improvise their development skills with evolving components that the framework offers. With its robust library and tutorials, developers can get acquainted and build their skills and expertise at their own pace. As of now, no PHP framework seems to be as complete as Laravel.

What Makes Laravel Development a Preferred PHP Framework for Web Developers?

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