What is the Link Between Inbound Traffic and Website Design?

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Would you ever purchase a vehicle that had not been serviced for years? Would you trust a product that was sloppily packaged and outwardly damaged? The answers to these questions are already obvious. Similarly, it is not surprising that the design and appearance will massively impact the amount of traffic that it can expect to receive, and the average consumer feels the same.

It has been shown that nearly half of all individuals consider website design the most important factor when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. The purpose of this article is to take a closer look at what discrete factors come into play as well as how you can optimize these elements if problems happen to be encountered. Stated, there is no substitute for quality web design. Let’s now take a closer look.

Device-Agnostic Designs

Mobile-responsive website design is becoming increasingly popular today. After all, consumers are often accessing the associated content when away from home. Therefore, all pages need to display correctly, regardless of what device is being used.

Let us also recall that Google tends to penalize websites that have not been optimized in such a manner. If you are concerned about the design of your domain, the Google Mobile-Friendly Tool can help highlight any problems that may exist.

Fast Loading Times

Most experts agree that an e-commerce portal should take no more than two seconds to load. However, some claim that this latency should be shortened to as little as 50 milliseconds. The only problem here is that images and videos can often cause significant lag times, resulting in potential consumers leaving your site, favoring ones that load quicker.

It is a good idea to run a speed test on each page of your site. If you encounter problems, it is much easier to narrow down the ultimate culprit. Changes can thereafter be made.

The Role of Content Optimisation

One of the best ways to generate high-quality e-commerce leads is through a video marketing campaign alongside informative and engaging images. However, these can often cause a site to run sluggishly. There are times when certain material within a page fails to load entirely.

Check to determine the file sizes of any embedded videos, images, or infographics. These can often be compressed to allow pages to run more smoothly. There can likewise be times when bloated coding may be causing problems. Either way, diagnosing the issue at hand will normally provide you with actionable solutions.

New, Targeted, and Relevant Information

The role of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be denied when speaking about website design. There are a few important reasons to note:

  • Content optimized for the correct keywords will allow your site to rank higher within search engine results.
  • It is easier for visitors to find what it is they are looking for.
  • Personalized material is more likely to resonate with the end-user.

Written material goes a long way towards establishing a loyal client base. It is important to remember that search engines tend to penalize sites that use outdated or otherwise “fluff” within their pages. Stay fresh, stay relevant, and stay interesting!

Sleek, Streamlined, and Stunning

The overall user experience (UX) will affect how much inbound traffic you can expect. Believe it or not, a quality UX design may increase your conversions by as much as 400 percent. It is nonetheless a fact that visitors must first enter the site before they represent conversions.

So, look at the overall layout of the site. You can then ask the following user-oriented questions:

  • Is the layout of the pages clear and concise?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Are clumsy elements such as banner ads detracting from the quality of the content?
  • Does the visual appearance of the site mirror your brand identity?

Appearances count in modern web design solutions, so do not be afraid to make changes if you feel this area lacks.

Taking Things in Stride

If you find that your website needs to be revamped, utilize a piecemeal approach and deal with one concern at a time. This will help you to avoid any mistakes along the way. It is just as prudent to outsource these tasks to a professional third-party design firm if you wish to achieve truly stellar results.

Author bio:

Paula O Gorman is the design and marketing manager at Promotive, a marketing agency that ensures its web design services are in line with good UX.

What is the Link Between Inbound Traffic and Website Design?

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