What is the Best Inspiration Behind eCommerce Logo Designs?
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What is the Best Inspiration Behind eCommerce Logo Designs?

eCommerce has advanced in recent years, with online becoming a marketplace of diversity and substance. Choosing a logo for eCommerce is similar to the needs of any business; however, selecting something which will look great on your website specifically will set you apart from other competitors out there.

eCommerce Logo Design Tips

The power of eCommerce is incredible, and nowadays, whether you have a team of 10 or 100, small brands can match the success in sales as a bigger store. Remember, your logo is the face of your brand, and it is even more vital for an eCommerce business to have a professional logo design as it helps build a trust factor between customer and brand.

Your logo should represent your brand in a big way, on your website, on your social media, and all of your promotional materials. Taking tips from the big players in eCommerce is the first step for many; look at eBay and Google, for example.

Colour and Ecommerce Logos

How important is color in eCommerce logo design? Firstly, let’s have a look at some broader statistics for color and logos:

  • 33% of the top brand’s logos use the color blue.
  • 29% of the leading brand’s logos use the color red.
  • Finally, 28% of the top brand’s logos use black or grayscale colors.

Source: http://bit.ly/1CNG5aX

What about multi-colored logos? Business Logo Design Company Repeat Logo has highlighted the importance of color in EBay’s design “eBay uses multiple colors to signify that they sell a wide range of products.” In recent years eBay has changed their logo design to a more minimalist feel but have kept its original principles of color and diversity.

EBay’s original logo design was created by Elissa Davis, who was a designer for CKS Partners in California. Elissa wanted the logo to be eye-catching and a feature that would drive customers in; speaking to Creative Review, Elissa said:

“I loved the colors of the Apple logo and the fun movement of the Twister game, and somehow that gave me the idea of eBay. The overlapping colors were designed to convey the sense of community on eBay.”

Symbolic Ecommerce Logo Designs

After the millennium, Amazon introduced their logo design, the logo style they are still using today. First, Amazon’s logo was shortened to just the eCommerce site’s web address, placed on a white background with a yellow arrow sitting underneath the text. Pretty simple, right?

Although this design is pretty basic, it has a lot of depth! The arrow underneath the website points from the A to the Z in the word Amazon. This symbolizes Amazon’s diverse selling structure and how customers can shop for almost anything on the site.

This logo represents Amazon as a one-stop shop for eCommerce selling, and after designing the arrow logo, the company saw an opportunity for a rebrand. The arrow soon became known as a “smile.” Turner Duckworth designed the logo and saw possibilities of being featured on their packaging; the designers then set up a pitch with Amazon’s directors:

“We couldn’t resist showing them some packaging ideas, and a number of them required a little bit of extra cost. Immediately he wrote those off, saying, ‘I’m not spending any more money on packaging.’ And then I remember saying to him, ‘How about if we could make a million good impressions for your brand a week without spending an extra dime?'”

By transplanting the Amazon smile beneath the logo on every delivery package that the organization shipped, the brand became more visible to consumers. Then, Amazon was shipping about one million boxes per week; nowadays, that number has risen to about 23 million per week, giving the organization 23 million free advertisements via their packaging supplies.

Technical Logo Tips

Getting the technical elements of your logo design is also extremely important for representing your brand online. Of course, you will be displaying your logo on your website so think how it should look if you were a customer.

When designing your logo, make sure you are using vector images. These images are intended to use scales to ensure your logo doesn’t pixelate. Olympus Press state that your logo should have “crisp edges.” If you are using vector images, your logo will stay looking professional.

Make sure you create your logo in various sizes and keep it consistent throughout your site. The three most important sizes your logo should come in are:

  • Header Logo (350px X 99px)
  • Favicon (16px X 16px)
  • Store Icon (30px X 30X)

This is the same when you are thinking about a print medium for receipts, business cards, or envelopes; ensure that you have a version that works with any medium.

Logo Design Inspiration

If you are designing an eCommerce logo for the first time or changing you to suit an eCommerce platform, it would be advised to contact a company logo designer. They will consider all of your logo design needs, and it means that you can concentrate on your business rather than design. Remember, your company logo is one of the first things your customer will see; what does yours say about your business?

What is the Best Inspiration Behind eCommerce Logo Designs?

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